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I don't know about you all but I'm getting super excited for the upcoming release of Wonder Woman this Friday. June 2nd cannot come fast enough! So how does one celebrate all things Wonder Woman in the meantime while we're wishing our lives away for it to finally be June 2nd? Well you can always watch Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice over an over, but even that could get tiresome. What about the animated Wonder Woman feature reviewed recently here? Beware of possible spoilers though! Heck! I even tried reviewing this newest collectible here, but it did not satisfy my appetite completely. Hey! I know! What about this one? Let's kill some time today talking about a new figure coming out officially from DC Collectibles in June (or May 17th if you look here). I'm talking about the new Blueline Wonder Woman black-and-white action figure, which is available to ship via ShopDCEntertainment.com on June 28th. Let's chat!Inspired by the art of Jim Lee, this new black-and-white action figure captures Wonder Woman in all her Amazonian glory! It's rendered with hand-painted features, imprinted details and measures approximately 6.75" tall. This Modern Age Wonder Woman action figure is based on Jim Lee’s line-art from his reboot of the DC Universe in September 2011 and as she appears in Justice League (The New 52) series of comic books. So just for you he recreated this famous superheroine in black and white and now you can add this artistic creation to your collection with the DC Blueline Wonder Woman action figure. Don't you feel special? Of course you do! You feel wonderful! So if you're familiar with my reviews of fine collectibles I'm going to continue where I last left off with the DC Collectibles Designer Harley Quinn series here. I'm going to tackle this solo figure in much the same fashion starting with how things look outside the box and then we're going to rip it open and play with this figure. After all, Wonder Woman may be immortal, but she still has to breathe! Come on! Let's take a closer look at all her um...lady parts down below. * The first thing you'll notice is how remarkable and exquisite this packaging is. From it's sexy curves to its artistic imagery not one part of me wanted to remove the plastic wrap from it. It's too perfect haha. So let's take a closer, 360 degree look at this packaging down below here. If nothing else, you have to at least appreciate this pencilled artwork. DC Blueline Wonder Woman DC Blueline Wonder Woman DC Blueline Wonder Woman DC Blueline Wonder Woman DC Blueline Wonder Woman * Now that I sadly removed the plastic thus voiding its new warranty let's crack this open. The first thing you'll notice is the two halves of this spherical packaging is held together by an unseen magnetic clamp. That's pretty cool! DC Blueline Wonder Woman * Here's what things look like split apart with a few closeups of both sides too. For your maximum viewing pleasure make sure to click on the below images that allow themselves to be opened wider. DC Blueline Wonder Woman DC Blueline Wonder Woman DC Blueline Wonder Woman * It's not intuitive as to how to open both halves, but you kind of have to pry it open from the corners like you see down below here. DC Blueline Wonder Woman * Now let's take a closer look at the figure housed very securely in its plastic tray. You really have to pry her out not to mention cut the plastic tie that's very snug around her waist. DC Blueline Wonder Woman * The other half contains a small piece of artwork and a blank canvas too, which I guess is for you to practice your drawing of Wonder Woman on? DC Blueline Wonder Woman DC Blueline Wonder Woman * Don't make the same mistake I did by ripping the bottom of the packaging as pictured below. Sadly there is nothing behind the figure. I really would have thought there'd at least be a stand for the price tag of this figure. DC Blueline Wonder Woman * So now that I nearly destroyed the plastic clamshell getting Wonder Woman out into our world check her out. There's not much to her. She looks like an unfinished piece of artwork that you just want to color or paint in. Her anterior is completely unfinished. What say you? Some of the pictures down below allow for you to click on them and open them wider. http://amzn.to/2pUTlsO DC Blueline Wonder Woman


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