Dexter is Back! Season 5…The Emotional Roller Coaster Begins…

All I can say is one word…wow!  Dexter is back and he’s taking no prisoners this time around!  Dexter “Season 5 –Episode 1” was one of the best Dexter episodes I have ever laid eyes on and I felt the blood curdling need within me to write about it as soon as possible.  It wasn’t because of the coldblooded murders and it wasn’t because of his never-ending weird quirkiness, but instead it was because of the different side we saw tonight of Dexter, his heart (his true love for the family: Rita, Astor, Cody, Deb and Harrison). It was a very emotional 54-minute event, to say the least.  If you caught “Season 4” last year, then you know the uphill battle that Dexter faces this year.  It’s only going to get worse from here (or better for us…the viewing audience).  It’s going to be a long, lonely and bumpy road for him if he is going to prevail this season and excel at providing the kind of life for his kids that formerly only Rita could give them.

This show is like none-other and if you have not given it a chance yet, then what are you waiting for?  It’s brilliant!  That’s all I’m going to say.  I’m not going to ruin anything for the fans out there and newbies that didn’t catch the premiere of “Season 5.”  See for yourself why Showtime’s Dexter is one of the most original series out there (thanks for turning me onto it Sandy and Gregg).

Let go off your True Blood vampire fantasies (after all, “Season 3” is over) and get “bloody” lost with Dexter today, on Blu-ray of course.


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