DVD 2 BLU Now Upgrades Your TV on DVD!

I just wanted to pass this information along to all our readers from our friends over at Warner Brothers.  You know those great deals they have been having as of late where they allow you to upgrade your old Warner titles on DVD to pristine Blu-ray sets at a fraction of the retail cost?  Well now Warner has also extended that deal on to include their popular lineup of TV shows that you may already own on DVD and I’m sure are itching to upgrade to on the superior format. Check out the full press release below and find out which titles apply to this great offer.

Starting today, through TV on DVD2BLU, consumers can now experience their favorite television series again for the very first time in stunning 1080p picture quality and crisp, superior sound that only comes from a Blu-ray Disc.  Titles such as “Smallville”, “The Sopranos”, “Fringe”, “Supernatural” and more can be upgraded for as low as $14.95 plus shipping.  Consumers who place orders of over $35 will receive free shipping.

The process to upgrade is simple.  Consumers select the titles they want to upgrade on DVD2BLU.com, mail in their standard DVDs with pre-paid postage and a short time later receive copies of the same title and complete season on Blu-ray.  See below for a complete list of TV titles available for upgrade with DVD2BLU.com:


Smallville Season 8

Supernatural Season 1

Supernatural Season 4

Chuck Season 2

Fringe S1

The Sopranos S1


Smallville Season 6

Smallville Season 7

Supernatural Season 3

Chuck Season 1

Pushing Daisies S1

Pushing Daisies S2

Terminator SCC S1

Terminator SCC S2

Nip/Tuck S4


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