Anchor Bay’s Retailer Exclusive Editions of AMC’s The Walking Dead: The Complete Fifth Season

Five years ago, a man awoke from a coma in a hospital. For sheriff’s deputy Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln), what should have been a cause of celebration became the flash point for five years of unceasing horror, unrelenting personal sacrifice…and one of the most popular TV shows ever broadcast.  On August 25th, Anchor Bay Entertainment gives home entertainment fans their annual Walker fix with The Walking Dead Complete Fifth Season Blu-ray + Digital HD and DVD releases.  Each 5-disc set presents all sixteen gripping episodes from the series that has single-handedly redefined the zombie genre.  True to the tradition of the previously released seasons, The Walking Dead Complete Fifth Season arrives jam-packed with three hours of insightful and provocative bonus features that give viewers yet another inside glimpse into creating the fallen world of the Walkers and the souls brave enough to attempt survival.  Retailer exclusive editions will also be available at Target, Best Buy and Walmart.  See below for more information!

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*Walking Dead Season 5 Generic

Walking Dead Season 5 Target

Walking Dead Season 5 Best Buy Exclusive



Walking Dead Season 5 Wal-Mart

BD63545 Walking Dead S5 BBY Exclusive 3d

Walking Dead S5 Funko BD 3DWM


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4 Responses to “Anchor Bay’s Retailer Exclusive Editions of AMC’s The Walking Dead: The Complete Fifth Season”

  1. Jared

    If i pre order does it charge me when it comes out or right away

  2. Brian White

    Hi Jared. No. Speaking of Amazon if you pre-order with them not only do they not charge you until it ships, but they charge you the lowest price the item drops to from now until the day it ships. SO let’s say you pre-ordered at 49.99 and before it releases it drops to 24.99, then you get charged the cheaper price. Hope that helps!

  3. Marissa Maldonado

    Is there not going to be a special edition Blu Ray edition like seasons 2,3&4?

  4. Brian White

    Marissa, you mean like how they would release it with the statue or something that usually ran $60+ dollars?