‘Exorsisters’ Debuts from Image

About a decade ago, I remember first seeing a new title from Image Comics called The Astounding Wolf-Man. Taking the concept of a super hero and combining it with a werewolf was definitely unique, though some may dispute the title character’s super hero-ness. Nevertheless, I flipped through a few pages and felt the artwork was rather cartoonish…at first.  After reading the issue in its entirety, I thought it to be a great marriage of dialogue and visuals. Fast-forward to 2018 and Image releases another supernatural-inspired series with that similar animation-style art, the Exorsisters.  Would history repeat itself and I’d find myself loving this story?

While The Astounding Wolf-Man took its visual form from Jason Howard (Invincible), the art for Exorsisters is courtesy of Gisele Lagace (Archie).  Again, I felt that same initial turn-off when I started thumbing through the pages of Exorsisters, until I recalled my experience with the aforementioned lycan series.  Just as before, I was not disappointed.  Written by Ian Boothby (Mars Attacks, Scooby Doo), the story follows two very polar opposite twins in Kate and Cate Harrow as they investigate the capturing of souls by the minions of hell.

Despite the demonic overtones, there is a tongue-in-cheek and sometimes lighthearted vibe to the first book.  Honestly, I loved every panel of it.  Lagace’s work perfectly fits the dialogue from Boothby’s pen.  The Harrow twins themselves come to life with this creative tag team as they have entertaining amount of banter while trying to get to the bottom of the case.  There is a very obvious yin-yang style of personalities we see from Kate and Cate as one is straight-laced and focused while the other is a raging alcoholic distracted by tall desserts.

The story in the introductory issue was well thought out and offered a wide open door of what tales future issues will weave for readers.  I was over the moon with the first installment of Exorsisters, but like other fans of this new series, I’ll have to wait until November 21st for the next issue to arrive.  Until then, we’ll all just have to wait until the Harrow twins take take on their next client when it comes to soul retrieval investigation.


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  1. Kiara

    Ooooo that looks really cool I love it!