Freestyle Komics Deserves a Look, Then Another

When strolling the vendor floors at various comic book and pop culture conventions, it is extremely easy for a merchant or artist to get lost in the shuffle of things. Such events can be sensory overload for guests and one table will ultimately blend into the next. It takes originality, some pop and a little personality to rise above the crowd and get noticed. Take the recent Cleveland Fan Expo for instance. The aforementioned area became an absolute sea of lush inks, trinkets and artist prints. It wasn’t until a stroll down one aisle caught my eye and promptly stopped me in my tracks. Enter Freestyle Komics.

Freestyle Komics, or FSK for short, is small publisher with a very defined sense of direction based out of Columbus, Ohio.  They are somewhat reminiscent of a badger in the sense that they don’t care about they’re size, so they’re going to do what they set out to do, regardless of the Marvels or the DC’s of the world.  With seven active titles, FSK puts an emphasis on the super hero genre, though they’re not afraid to expand from that comfort zone.  Take for instance, Emerald Quest the Series, a fantasy medieval-style tale with a young woman, Marki, who is the main hero.  The series is self-described as one of adventure, mystery, honor and deception.

Not to be overlooked in FSK’s library is FiveStar.  Once a cancer patient, Kevin Terry undergoes an experimental treatment and ends up gaining super human abilities as the result of his curious tussle with science.  Not to be outdone by FiveStar is FSK’s flagship title, Hotshot. When central character Mike Watson curiously gains meta abilities of his own, he quickly realizes the toll of becoming a super hero is far heavier than he could have imagined.   

Enticed yet?  And that’s only three series in FSK’s library of works.  Regardless of the title you dive into first, the writing is solid while the detailed artwork excels in matching the mood of the wordsmith’s delivery in each book.  If you’re looking for something new and fresh that’s not another hollow pow-bang-smash-em-up, Freestyle Komics likely has something for you.

You can check out their full library here.



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