From Blackest Night Comes Brightest Day

Brightest_DayOf all the storylines that have taken place in the comic book industry recently, Blackest Night is arguably the most profound.  Nekron and the Black Hand had almost successfully wiped out the DC universe in the eight-part series that kept buyers of the title on the edge of their seats.  As I write that, I can hear a reader saying, “You didn’t really think DC would let that happen, did you?”  Well, from a business standpoint, no, but it sure as heck looked like the last candle in the world was about to be snuffed out.

As the white light was introduced to us all, its power became visibly apparent, resurrecting the lives of twelve individuals, both hero and villain.  From Arthur Curry to Captain Boomerang, the group almost instantly reverted from their zombie-like, black ring state back to their human form.  Now that the Black Hand is in the detainment of the Indigo Tribe and Nekron is at least temporarily not a threat, Blackest Night has come to a close.

Fear not, readers.  All is still not well on the planet.  As one story comes to a close, another is born.  Hot on the heels of its predecessor, Brightest Day has hit the ground running as issues #0 and #1 are now available with a certain someone at the tale’s forefront.  Deadman, a prominent player in the mass struggles of Blackest Night, has been bestowed with a rare white ring, yet he is practically invisible and mute to the world around him.  Any desire to jump into action is squelched by the item adorning his finger.  His frustration continues to grow as he and readers soon learn the influence of the black rings is still very much ‘alive’.  I don’t want to give too much away here, but let me just say that things are definitely not back to normal.

Strap in for another intense ride as astounding writers Geoff Johns and Peter Tomasi gear us up for another round of dramatic, heart-stopping conflict.  Also, keep your eyes peeled for the various sub-series of Brightest Day in the pages of Flash #1, Titans: Villains for Hire #1, Birds of Prey #1, and Green Arrow #1, just to name a few.


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