Game Sequels Abound in 2010!

Force UnleashedTwo very successful video games in recent years have been LucasArts’ Star Wars: The Force Unleashed and Rocksteady’s Batman: Arkham Asylum.  Both were hands-on, explore-your-environment, beat-em-up-style titles with awesome graphics (especially Arkham) and both offered long hours of entertaining gameplay.  So what happens when you have games this good and this successful?  You ride the financial wave of success and release a sequel!

Both companies plan on having their respective titles ready with tentative fourth quarter 2010 release dates.  Teaser trailers are officially up for both games though I found The Force Unleashed 2 trailer not to load on the LucasArts site, so we’ll be providing a You Tube link below as well.  The graphics look to impress yet again and it will be interesting to see how the storylines play out.  If you haven’t played the first Force Unleashed, there is a spoiler alert here.  Starkiller, otherwise known as Vader’s Apprentice, died at the conclusion of the first game.  Since you play as him yet again in this sequel, it will be interesting to see where this title’s timeline falls into the grand scheme of things.  Considering the Force-induced anti-hero/hero now wields two blue sabers though still casts out Sith lightning, one can wonder if this has to take place somewhere before the last few levels of the original game when he started to ‘see the light.’ 

As for Mr. Wayne and his next round of adventures, expect to see the Joker as the mastermind once again, though in a weakened state, as Gotham is about to face another round of chaos and mayhem in this beautifully rendered game.  It looks like there will be plenty of hoodlums and street thugs to pummel and hopefully another scattering of puzzles to solve.  Arguably, this sequel will have a tougher time living up to its predecessor when compared to Force Unleashed.  That’s no knock against the Star Wars title.  While Force Unleashed was great, Arkham Asylum was simply amazing.  If your first effort is a 10 out of 10, how do you follow that up?  Gamers will have to wait with baited breath before igniting their sabers and donning the cape and cowl as these two highly anticipated titles are on the late 2010 horizon. 


Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2




Batman: Arkham Asylum 2






4 Responses to “Game Sequels Abound in 2010!”

  1. Gerard Iribe

    I still haven’t played the first Arkham. This looks amazing.

    I might have to get ’em BOTH!

  2. Gregg

    Definitely, man! Arkham was such a great experience and regardless how far video game advancements take us, this will be one of those titles that gets talked about for a long time.

  3. Brian White

    I’ll be honest. Yesterday I was testing an AV system out for work and a guy had the Hangover DVD. I popped it in and there was a trailer for last year’s Arkham Asylum. I must admit…that game looks bad-a$$! If I had the time, then that one would be in my possession. I wasn’t too crazy about Force Unleashed.

  4. Gerard Iribe

    My GF is the main gamer, and even she thinks Arkham looks badass.