Get It While It’s Hot! Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter – Official Trailer

I know it sounds strange, but as much as I write, I hardly ever read.  Reading to me is a luxury that is afforded by time, that which I have not much of.  Boo!  But it was almost two years ago when I came across a book title while glancing through an issue of Entertainment Weekly that right then and there I knew I had to have.  That title was none other than Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.  All I have to say is wow!  I loved it so much I did what I never did before…I wrote a review about it (make sure you check it out here).  Okay.  Maybe that’s not too special, but it was my first book review ever.  That’s something to be proud of, right?  Well I think so!

And here we are.  It’s the second Monday in February, one day before the dreaded holiday that so many lonely people “love” to hate, but there’s a light, people.  Do you see it?  I do.  I was blinded by it earlier today when I received a text on the Why So Blu chatline saying hey everyone…the trailer is up on the ‘Net’ for the adaptation of Seth Grahame-Smith’s literature work of art on the big screen, none other than Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, which is being produced by Tim Burton and directed by Timur Bekmambetov.  Being such a he fan of the novel, I have been nervous now for the past 1.5 years as to how this was going to look as a live action visual.  Sure it has that cliche Hollywood gloss behind it, but come on folks…this trailer looks bad a$$.  Don’t you agree?

So it’s without further ado that I present to you the first teaser trailer for my #2 anticipated movie of 2012.  Here it is…Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, in HD but of course.


3 Responses to “Get It While It’s Hot! Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter – Official Trailer”

  1. Aaron Neuwirth

    Fan of the book and I like what I saw in this trailer. Call me excited!

  2. Gerard Iribe

    I filled the cup.

  3. Mary

    I can’t wait!