I’ll Take Blu-ray for Under $100 Alex…

Well it looks like at the moment that this deal is hit or miss, but the majority rules.  Wal-Mart, our favorite discount store of choice, has once again rolled back the price of their entry Magnavox Blu-ray player to $98!!  Yep, that’s right Blu-ray fans.  You did not read that wrong.  It is only $98!  Now you have no excuse to not pick up an extra Blu-ray player for the 32″ bedroom set you have.  Just an FYI, the player supports 1080P (60p and 24p) video, Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio bitstreaming and DVD upconversion (who cares about this).  The only downfall is taht the player is only Profile 1.1.  Happy shopping!


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