Interview with MMA Fighter Micah Bender

Why So Blu may not be a sports site, but we do love our MMA, or mixed martial arts for those unfamiliar.   We’ve covered three events and have interviewed several fighters in a matter of months.  A first for us, however, is interviewing a professional fighter one-on-one.   Meet Micah Bender.  This Pennsylvania native already has 14 fights to his credit with another on the horizon in the near future. 

A former high school wrestler, Bender has combined other fighting styles with his already dangerous arsenal earning him some serious notoriety in the welter weight class.  The 25-year old college student spends any moment he can scultping his 5’11” frame into a force to be reckon with, but for Why So Blu, he took off his fighter hat and donned one displaying his charasmatic professionalism. Below is that interview, and to all MMA fans, keep your eye out for this guy. Progression up the ladder in this sport is a slow and deliberate one. Success doesn’t happen over night. All the Anderson Silva’s and Chuck Liddell’s you see today paid their dues to get where they are at. Micah Bender is doing just that as we speak.

 Photography courtesy of Rocktagon MMA


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