Inteview with MMA Fighter Brandon Vasquez

Until recently, my interaction with mixed martial arts fighters was pretty much nonexistent.  After the good folks at CageStars and Chu To Bu West Gym showed me around, I was an educated man.  As photographer Scott Morrison and I first walked into the gym, a Jiu Jitsu class was well under way on one end of the room, while the other featured the MMA athletes hard at work, attacking the punching bag with lightning-quick jabs and high-flying knees.  The first fighter I had the opportunity to sit down with was the 185-pound Brandon Vasquez from Lorain, Ohio.

Vasquez was demonstrating the epitome of focus as his attention was devoted to two things; the instruction from Hall of Fame boxer Joe Gentile and striking the Everlast bag in front of him.  To be honest, I felt a little guilty disturbing Vasquez’s workout, not quite sure how he would take to being pulled away from his training to be interviewed.  After all, this guy was in the zone and I’d hate for him to mistake me for a swinging leather bag of padding.  The end result was just the opposite as a very professional and appreciative athlete whose ever-growing knowledge of his trade became evident in our discussion.  Listen to the full interview below as Brandon Vasquez gets ready to face off against his next opponent on June 26th!

 Photography courtesy of Scott T. Morrison / Discovery Photo


Gregg Senko interviews MMA Fighter Brandon Vasquez…





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  1. Scott Morrison

    Gregg, I love that you used the actual recording of the interview for the web. Very innovative.

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    Great job on Gregg & Scott!

    Lorenzo Gentile

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    Thanks fellas. I will say the Droid is quite the useful tool.