JAMESY BOY Starring James Woods, Mary Louise-Parker, Ving Rhames And Introducing Spencer Lofranco Available On Blu-ray February 25th!

Jamesy-BoyComing at you next month, from Phase 4 Films and XLrator Media is JAMESY BOY.  This true story features notable acting vets James Woods, Mary Louise-Parker and Ving Rhames.  It also sports the little Farmiga (Taissa) and a Black Eyed Pea (because everybody loves them).  This seems to be the tale of a street thug who does some time and turns his life around inside the big house.  I suppose what interested me in this is that I’ve always been a fan of James Woods and I’m also a big fan of Mary Louise-Parker.  One can only hope this is a nice touching drama that is at least a solid story that is able to separate itself from many films that follow this common storyline and theme.  There is no pre-order yet available for this title, but I’m sure one will appear very soon.  It comes out the 25th of next month.  Keep on reading for box art, the plot synopsis, cast list, a trailer and some other spec details regarding this release from Phase 4 Films and XLrator Media!

Available on Blu-ray and DVD: February 25, 2014

Director: Trevor White

Cast: James Woods (White House Down, Jobs, Nixon, Casino,), Mary-Louise Parker (TV’s Weeds, Red, Fried Green Tomatoes), Ving Rhames (Pulp Fiction, Mission Impossible), Taissa Farmiga (FX’s “American Horror Story”, The Bling Ring), Taboo (Black Eyed Peas) and introducing Spencer Lofranco (Unbroken, At Middleton).

Synopsis: JAMESY BOY is based on the true story of teenager James Burns (Spencer Lofranco) who goes from a suburban street gang to a maximum-security prison cell surrounded by hardened criminals. He turns his life around in prison thanks to the unexpected friendship he forms with a convicted murderer (Ving Rhames) who becomes his mentor.

Bonus Features: Director’s commentary, cast interviews, and trailer.

Running Time: 108 minutes

Rated: NR

Format: Blu-ray

Aspect Ratio: 2.35 LB

Audio Format: Dolby 5.1



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