Johnny Cash Tribute w/ Jimmie Ray & Cyndi Cantrell

Jimmie RayIf any of you readers frequent Las Vegas often, you know that at any given moment you’re bound to see something that puts you in a state of “ah.”  Whether this is an intoxicated patron conducting a free sidewalk show or even a 1950’s young Elvis taking tips for a memorable, yet cherishing photo, there’s always a good show in Vegas!  In any case, that’s similar to what happened to me last week in Sin City.  February 22nd through the 28th was a tribute to the late musician Johnny Cash! 

Mr. Johnny Cash’s heyday was a little before my time, although, you cannot pass the chance to do a good shimmy dance when you hear a good tune.  Friday February 26th was Johnny Cash’s 78th birthday reunion, and I was in downtown Las Vegas where all the action was going down.  As I was shoveling through the crowd of individuals who looked to be as old as my grandmother or grandfather, I came across a man and a woman who very much intrigued me to ask them a couple of questions.  They go by the name of Jimmie Ray & Cyndi Cantrell, also known as Johnny Cash and June Carter! 

Jimmie Ray & Cyndi CantrellThese are two wonderful and extremely nice people who conduct a live traveling band in honor of the late Johnny Cash.  Last week on the First Street Stage on Fremont Street Experience in downtown Las Vegas, Jimmie and Cyndi rocked the house.  Performing hit songs from the late musician Johnny Cash, the band sounded incredible!  This was a little different from my average work, but to say the least, I really did enjoy the entire celebration.  In the words of Jimmie Ray, “Johnny Cash made music for the common man,” and that’s exactly how this reunion made me feel.  A couple of beers, a pretty lady next to me, and a little Johnny Cash playing on the tuner, what could be better?  All in all this was a fabulous celebration for a great musician who affected a lot of folks’ lives, and will always be remembered throughout history.  

For more information on Jimmie Ray & Cyndi Cantrell please visit http://www.johnnycashtributes.com/. 

Check out my brief audio interview below with Jimmie Ray. 





5 Responses to “Johnny Cash Tribute w/ Jimmie Ray & Cyndi Cantrell”

  1. Brian White


    I’m just wondering Aaron. Where did you get the idea to use that backing track that you used? It’s like you read my mind. It’s brilliant!

    You know who else might like this story? My good friend Jesse Dayton of Captain Clegg. He’s heavily influenced by Johnny Cash and has even played with him. Check him out at http://www.jessedayton.com.

  2. Gregg

    Man this guy’s voice is uncanny! Sounds just like Johnny Cash! Great job finding him, Aaron!

  3. Paul Sweeney

    I’ve known Jimmy Ray Cantrel for 15 years. Every time I saw him with a guitar he was playing and singing Johnny Cash. I think it’s so cool if you can keep the memory of someone you truly admire alive like he does with Johnny Cash.

    A man of the people, singer for the common man, yes that describes Johhny Cash, and also hits the nails on the head for Jimmy Ray. He is one uncommon, common man!

    paul 🙂

  4. Pam Hawley

    I have followed Jimmie and Cyndi through their careers for the past 30 years and am just so proud of them both. They have come a long way and have always added to and changed their show so you can never get enough. The chemistry between the two of them both on and off the stage is admirable. Good Luck to you both and keep those songs a-comin, just like the train!

  5. Judy Partridge

    We met Jimmy and Cyndi 15 years ago, and even had the wonderful opportunity to play in their first band….what a gas!!! They are greatly talented, dedicated, and giving people, and we are so blessed to have been part of their lives, and musical journey over the years….. They ROCK!!!
    Hey Jimmy and Cyn, When are you going to bring your show up to IDAHO?? Soon we hope.