Keep Your Cell Phone on for Despicable Me!

Here’s an order you don’t see every day.  Why are we being told to keep our cell phones on for the theatrical presentation of Steve Carrell’s Despicable Me this weekend?  Well it’s because Best Buy is ordering us to.  If you choose to participate in the milestone event, Best Buy is delivering the ultimate in-movie experience during the credits of Despicable Me with a “movie-enhancing” cell phone application.  You will have to check out the full press release below to find out all the details.

Best Buy Enhances Theatrical and Home Movie Viewing Experience with a First-of-Its-Kind Mobile Application

Best Buy Movie Mode Comes to Life this Summer with Universal Pictures and Illumination Entertainment’s Must-See 3-D CGI Feature Despicable Me

MINNEAPOLIS, June 14,  2010 – Best Buy Co., Inc. (NYSE:BBY) today unveiled Best Buy Movie Mode, an exclusive first-of-its-kind mobile application designed to transform the way moviegoers engage and interact with the films they enjoy. Available as a free download, Best Buy Movie Mode comes to life via “The Minionator,” created as part of an exclusive collaboration with Universal Pictures and tied to the July 9 release of its must-see RealD 3-D CGI feature “Despicable Me produced by Chris Meledandri.”

“The Minionator” is Movie Mode’s first film enhancing experience and offers fans a deeper connection to “Despicable Me” by translating for audiences what the film’s mischievous little yellow characters, the Minions, are saying. The app acts as a translator during the 3-D theatrical end credits for the special language of the Minions. The app will also translate the Minion language throughout the entire movie on Best Buy’s exclusive “Despicable Me” DVD released later this year.

Best Buy Movie Mode uses new patent-pending technology to provide enhanced content to movie lovers during both the theatrical and DVD viewing experience. Additionally, it serves as a locator for both theaters showing “Despicable Me” in 3-D and Best Buy stores while also providing an interactive interface to unlock exclusive free digital content, courtesy of Best Buy.  A phone in Best Buy Movie Mode automatically dims the mobile screen, silences the ringer and discourages texting to ensure audiences have a positive movie-going experience. Beyond The Minionator, Movie Mode will offer users new movie enhancing experiences and exclusive content for future theatrical and DVD releases.

“Best Buy Movie Mode changes the way audiences connect with great entertainment, both inside a theater and at home,” said Chris Homeister, senior vice president and general manager of the home entertainment group at Best Buy. “The innovative technology, unique to Best Buy, provides us with an opportunity to evolve with customers into the growing digitally connected world. We are thrilled our first partnership is with Universal and ‘Despicable Me’ producer Chris Meledandri. The collaboration throughout this process has been a delight.”

“Throughout the planning for this film, we have been impressed with Best Buy’s vision and its desire to create an innovative experience for moviegoers,” said Stephanie Sperber, president Universal Partnerships & Licensing. “We can’t wait for fans to finally experience ‘The Minionator.’”

Added James Meredith, vice president of marketing for Cinemark Theatres, “Movie theaters and cell phones have never been friends—until now.  Because Best Buy Movie Mode disables the ringer, discourages texting and dims the phone screen, all moviegoers can now enjoy a delightful theater experience free from cell phone distractions.  Joining forces with Universal to bring ‘The Minionator’ to life, Best Buy is giving movie lovers a truly compelling reason to experience ‘Despicable Me’ in RealD 3-D on the big screen”

Leading up to the film’s debut, Best Buy’s Reward Zone Silver members will have an opportunity to attend one of several exclusive pre-screenings of “Despicable Me” in 20 markets across the country. RZS members can also visit www.myrewardzone.comto enter for a chance to win tickets to the film’s world premiere in Los Angeles on June 27.

Best Buy Movie Mode is expected to be available on most mobile platforms this week including iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Windows Mobile. To learn more and to download The Minionator app, visit www.BestBuyMovieMode.comor text MINION to 332211.


8 Responses to “Keep Your Cell Phone on for Despicable Me!”

  1. Sean Ferguson

    This is the last thing that anyone should do. People play with their phones too much during the movies now let alone when an app is created that will just make them do it the whole movie! And the worst part is that this is just the beginning…pretty soon there will be a ton of apps soon unless people stand up for common sense and leave their phones turned off during movies. Do you really want to see the glow from scores of phones while you watch a movie? I say boycott this app and send a message back to Universal that this type of app should be offered for when the blu-ray comes out and they can do it at home without bothering other people.

  2. Jesse

    Chill….its the END CREDITS dude

  3. Brian White

    I do have to agree with Sean completely on this one. It’s a bad idea IMO.

  4. Sean Ferguson

    Do you really think people won’t be trying to get it working during the movie? Even if they wait until the end credits, this is still the tip of the iceberg for companies trying to add stuff for this kind of app. This is the first step of a very bad idea. There is no reason they couldn’t release this when the blu-ray comes out.

  5. Brian White

    I agree Sean. This is a STUPID idea IMO. I can’t stand it when someone even lights their cell phone on in a movie. It ALWAYS distracts me.

  6. Wes

    It’s on during the End Credits……you will not be distracted during the movie. I tried it today, the app is free and works fine. The little minions were extremely funny when u realised what they were actually saying….even made a little joke about Twilight playing in the theatre next door. hahahaha, definitely get this app for the movie =)

  7. Vert

    You turn on the app at the start of the movie. It does nothing for 2 hours except force your screen to dim and your sound to silent mode. At the end credits, it plays a scripted event. That’s it.

    Really nothing to play with during the movie. They weren’t being stupid when they created this – using this app your phone to virtually shut down for the duration of the flick. Good plan, IMHO.

  8. Sean Ferguson

    If I had my way, I would have every theater block all wireless devices. No calls in or out and no ability to text during the movies. You’re there to see a movie not chat with friends! It’s distressing to see the decline of polite etiquette at the movies nowadays. Everyone treats the theater like it’s their living room now and acts accordingly.