Marvel vs. Capcom 3: The Fate of Two Worlds

The people at Capcom have done it again.  They managed to take the most recognizable characters from Marvel and pit them against their own impressive list of characters from some of their marquee games.  In Marvel vs. Capcom 2 there was a plethora of characters to choose from, 56 in fact.  In this installment the roster has been reduced by twenty.  What they lack in character selection they more than make up for in other areas.  Let’s take a closer look.

This game follows the same basic principal as the prequel.  Exciting 3-on-3 battles intertwine with both Marvel and Capcom characters on the same and opposing teams.  An arcade mode that takes you through various levels fighting random teams of three.   A versus mode enables you to battle your friends that come over and visit.   Mission mode  features different special and combo moves for each individual character.   Finally, a training mode gives you the ability to practice all of the moves before you take your skills to a real fight. And this is all in the offline mode!

In the online mode there are a few different options.  Ranked matches allow you to fight anyone online across the globe in an attempt to prove your supremacy.  Player matches allow you to customize the match to your specifications, however you do not level up as you do in ranked match.  Lastly, lobby mode is where anywhere from 2-8 players can join in a win and keep playing type format.

In arcade mode you battle randomly generated teams controlled by the CPU.  You fight through 7 rigorous battles before you encounter the final boss battle.  In the final boss battle you find yourself with the World Destroyer from the Marvel Universe known as Galactus.  In this battle you have 99 seconds to complete this battle which consists of two phases.  The first is a painstaking task of battling two metal models of playable characters from the game and then the second phase is where you take on Galactus himself in a simple yet exciting battle.  Galactus does not move much.  So that makes long combos the way to go to defeat him.  However, when he does move it is to unleash a devastating move that will significantly damage your health even if you are blocking.  Once you defeat Galactus you will be treated to a unique ending associated with the character that was active during the final blow to his health.

Versus mode is exactly what I explained earlier.  If you have friends over and you want to beat each other up, than this is the way to go.  Mission mode was a disappointment for me, when I was following this game before its release, as I was under the impression that you would actually have a mission designed for each individual character.  When I jumped on this mode and saw what it actually was I was completely disappointed.  A mission consists of me simply putting together a complex combo?  Come on, where is the challenge?  I wanted a mission that would involve Sentinel taking on all the X-Men from Marvel without dying.  What takes place in mission mode is a disgrace and is just and is just an extension of training mode, practicing moves before the real battles.

Ranked mode is where you put all your skills to the test.  Yeah anyone can beat the CPU after they use ten continues, but are you skilled enough to take on fighters from all across the world?  With various ranks to reward those who have battled many online opponents, it makes ranked mode very easy to get hooked on.  I know I was hooked the moment I found an opponent, putting my favorite team together to take on someone I have never met before was exhilarating.  Rising through the ranks from Rookie to Amateur to Fighter and levels beyond is enough to keep anyone coming back for more action.  It also keeps account of your online record so every opponent you face knows how well or how terrible you actually are.  My only critique of the ranked matches is that it has been very difficult for me at sometimes to connect with an opponent.

Player matches are more relaxed.  This is for the players whom just want to take on opponents, but do not want to be judged publicly for their success or failure.  If you are new to the game and want to get your feet wet with online gaming, then this is the route I would suggest you going.  The other mode that does not put your rank at risk is the lobby mode.  The only record that shows when you face them here is what your current record is for the lobby.  If you are the champ and have beaten all challengers, then everyone in that lobby will know.  However, if you are having a hard time gaining any momentum, then the only folks that will know are those in your specific lobby.

Along with these great fighting modes this game also offers a gallery where you can view bonus content that you have unlocked such as character endings, artwork, movies and bios.   I would recommend this game to any and all fans of the fighting genre.  Also, if you are a fan of Capcom or Marvel, this is definitely a title that is worth checking out.


9 Responses to “Marvel vs. Capcom 3: The Fate of Two Worlds”

  1. Gregg

    Thanks for the review, Patrick. I am so tempted to drop the money for this game, but I’m terrible at street fighting games. I suffer from combo-deficiency, being unable to ever connect anything significant enough to pull off against an opponent.

    Still, for those that are fighting savvy, this sounds like a solid title. The graphics look vibrant, the action is likely to get intense, and the revisited concept of two major marketable universes colliding is nothing short of fun.

  2. Aaron Neuwirth

    I am not a fighting game guy, but I love the Marvel Vs. Capcom series. Despite the lack of custom soundtracks (I mean, c’mon, right?) this game is tons of fun.

  3. Gerard Iribe

    Hmmm, there are many “dislikes” in your review yet it gets a 4 1/2 star score? I’m confused.

    I played the DEMO of this at my local Best Buy last week. I actually ran into a friend and we played it for a bit. I thought it was pretty cool. The version I played was from the X-Box, but I own a PS3, so I can’t comment on that one.

    I loved it. The graphics rocked and so did the game play. I here that there is a special edition with bonus characters and of course they also have DLC characters for sale.

    I may buy it later on down the road.

  4. Sean Ferguson

    I would be more excited if it was just a Marvel game without the Capcom aspect included. The Marvel universe has enough characters that they don’t need some second rate Capcom game characters. If they need to do a combo I would be much happier if the game was Marvel Vs. DC. I would buy that game in a second.

  5. Aaron Neuwirth

    You will stand a bit alone in that statement, given that this is the third installment of a hugely popular series. And the Capcom characters are hardly second rate, given that it has the leads from Street Fighter, Resident Evil, and Devil May Cry, among others.

  6. Sean Ferguson

    That’s ok. I’m used to it! 😉

  7. Aaron Neuwirth

    There’s always Masters of Teras Kasi 😉

  8. Sean Ferguson

    True! I haven’t played that one for a long time.

  9. Brian White

    I loved Masters of Tera Kasi!