Mass Effect 3 (PS3 Game Review)

Have you ever had to make a decision and no matter what you pick none of them feel right?  These have been the situations that the Mass Effect video game series has put us in for almost 5 years.  Mass Effect is a 3rd person shooter with super powers thrown in. The game starts out with the legendary Commander Shepard staring out of a window watching a child play with a toy spaceship when a young soldier James Vega bursts into the room and tells Shepard that the defense committee needs to see him.  With the urgency in which he was beckoned Shepard already knows the dangerous synthetic beings known as the Reapers are already near and the hope for humanity to survive is all but lost.


While in the meeting with the defense committee several reports come in that spots all over the globe are going dark.  Then finally a video feed from London reveals the answer everyone had feared the Reapers have reached Earth.  Before anymore discussion can take place a Reaper lands and blows a beam through the room in which Shepard was in killing everyone but the commander and his chief officer Admiral Anderson.  They realize the threat is huge and know they must get off world if they stand any chance of defeating the Reapers.  As they approach the Normandy, Shepards ship, Anderson decides to stay behind and help the resistance on Earth and orders Shepard to head to the Citadel and speak with the Council and get the different species around the universe to help fight back against the Reapers.  As the Normandy departs Shepard sees the little boy that had been playing with the toy spaceship get on an escape shuttle only to watch the shuttle be shot down by one of the many Reapers.  All that action takes place within the first ten minutes of game play.

If I sat here and tried to give you a run down of any other missions this review would be a hundred pages long.  So I will spare any spoilers and just tell you that if you are a fan of the first two games this is a must have.  The game play is similar to the first two titles but brings in the addition of a new heavy melee attack in which your Omni-tool is converted into an energy sword and you drive it into your enemies.

As I am writing this there is a big controversy about the ending of this trilogy.  To be honest at first I was not a fan but the more I sat and thought about it I realized that the creators got it right.  The ending was the only way it could be.  It shows that sometimes in life no matter what decisions you have and no matter what decision you make some out comes are inevitable.  Because of a huge outcry from fans Bio Ware is going to change the ending to appeal to many fans out there.  However, I feel the fans are taking away the artistic integrity from the creators.  For two games you sat back and trusted them to give you an intense and serious story filled with twists and curves but when it hits the fan and it ends in a way you don’t agree you are going to call them on it.  I am sorry but no matter how I ever thought a game should end I never raised an eyebrow and said man these people suck.  Listen, they created a story, an adventure that has spanned for the past 5 years and I trust what they have to say.  For many of you fans if you want a different ending or a different story write it yourself.

Sorry about the tangent and back to the game.  This game is a roller coaster of emotion.  There will be your highs like dismantling a Reaper while it stands 20 stories taller than you.  Then you will have your lows as you say good bye to some great friends that have helped you up to this point in your fight.  Life is filled with many decisions.  It is our job to choose the best choice for any situation.  Sometimes there is no right answer and no easy choice.

This is by far on of the best games I have ever played and would suggest that anyone who loves not just a great game but a great story than Mass Effect 3 and its predecessors are a lock for you.




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  1. Tina

    How long did this take you to beat this? Cause I beat this in 2 days!