Mortal Kombat: Legacy – Ep 3 – Johnny Cage

It is that time again. Mortal Kombat! (Cue theme music) This week’s episode of the popular Mortal Kombat web series steps away from Sonya, Kano, Jax, and the gang; and shifts focus on Johnny Cage. In this version of events, Johnny Cage is an out of work action star, looking to find a comeback. Despite his producers’ doubts, Cage feels he can still kick ass – “Cage Style.” I found this episode to be the weakest in the series so far, but it does move the plot forward, in a way, thanks to a certain appearance at the end (learn more by reading the credits). Strangely, this episode has also been censored. The swearing has been noticeably dropped out and the action is much less gritty this time around (the previous episodes have also been altered to have the same censored feel). The video now states that this will change at the end of the week, with uncensored cuts of the episodes, but it is still a weird way to premier a new episode.  Fortunately, the episode at least lasts longer than the second, clocking in at around 10 minutes without the credits.  The lack of a “previously on” certainly helped. Anyway, here it is, so enjoy.



1 Response to “Mortal Kombat: Legacy – Ep 3 – Johnny Cage”

  1. Brian White

    Wow! This was an interesting take on the origin of Johnny Cage. I like!