Mortal Kombat: Legacy – Ep. 5 – Kitana & Mileena (Part 2)

This week’s episode of the Mortal Kombat: Legacy web series continues where episode four left off. The story is still set in the realm of Outworld, continuing to deal with the backstory that surrounds Kitana and Mileena. Since this is “part 2”, the episode continues with a similar style from last week, which includes a visual style that is different from the previous episodes (particularly the low-budget grittiness of the first two), by incorporating animated visuals into the series, in order to better establish the world of Outworld, without worrying about the low budget of the series as a whole. It is a neat way to handle things, but it helps that the story is intriguing enough to have kept me entertained. This episode is unfortunately very brief, just as the second episode was, with plenty of time spent on the opening recap and end credits, leaving room for about 6 minutes of an actual episode. Still, I am continuing to enjoy what this web series has to offer, so here is this week’s episode:


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