New Batman Movie Villains Announced!

I actually caught wind of this from fellow WSB staffer Gerard Iribe as Warner Bros. officially announced today who the villains will be in Christopher Nolan’s next addition to the Batman franchise, The Dark Knight Rises.  Who can they possibly be?!

So who gets the honors?  Anne Hathaway will take on the role of Catwoman; one of the more established, well known baddies in Gotham.  This Hollywood hottie probably won’t or didn’t need to spend too much time in the gym to get ready for the role.  Personally, I just think the character has been overdone on the big screen.  Where Selina Kyle covers the laws of sexuality and agility, Bane will take the reigns on brute force.  The masked convict, who first appeared in the DC universe in 1993 and is most famous for breaking Batman’s back, will be played by Inception‘s Tom Hardy.  While it was announced in late 2010 that Hardy would have a role in Nolan’s newest Batman work, a tight lid was kept on specific casting. 

With Christopher Nolan keeping the Batman villains grounded on screen, that is to say none have the supernatural abilities they may have in the comics, it will be interesting to see how Bane will be handled.  Incorporating the little teddy bear he carries is easily accomplished.  Utlizing the super steroid that he pumps through his bodily-connected hoses will likely be done differently or not at all.  We’re all anxious to see how the pair will fair in the film.  In the meantime, it’s back to The Dark Knight on Blu-ray to whet my appetite. 


9 Responses to “New Batman Movie Villains Announced!”

  1. Brian White

    Not sure how I feel about Catwoman. Nothing against Hathaway. I just am unsure how Nolan will fit her in.

  2. Gregg Senko

    I think this film will be a significant departure from the feel of the last one. Granted, we all knew that as Heath Ledger outdid himself.

  3. Gerard Iribe

    I know Hathaway will look hot as hell as Catwoman, but I’m anxious to see what this Bane will look like. Is he going to look like the comic version or will they do the animated version or will do it like they do it in those old Mexican movies where a Mexican wrestler is in a nice suit, but wears the mask?

    Hardy has already played a buffed out character in the film “Bronson.” Looks like he will have to hit the gym again.

  4. Aaron Neuwirth

    To be fair, no one has said “Catwoman”. Nolan has confirmed her as Selina Kyle for the film, that’s it. I’m not saying it’s impossible for Catwoman to be in the film, but that’s not the info we know currently.

    As far as Bane goes – awesome. I’ve been wanting and called that for months. And yeah, Gerard said it, Hardy can bulk out if he needs to, Bronson is awesome. I’d love to see Bane done like the animated series version.

  5. Gerard Iribe

    Aaron, I like Bane’s look more from his first appearance in the animated series. He wore a suit but still had the mask.

  6. Sean Ferguson

    I have a feeling that they will be following the Selina Kyle comic storyline where she finds out that she is the daughter to Falcone. IF they did that, it would tie into the earlier movies and give her a tie to Batman.

    I hope they do Bane like they did in the comics. He was smart, dangerous, and very cunning. I wonder if Venom will be involved in this at all.

  7. Gerard Iribe

    That would be pretty cool, Sean.

  8. Aaron Neuwirth

    Venom would be interesting.

    I like Sean’s thought, although I feel they would have tried to set that up or at least plant a seed beforehand, if that were the case.

    I would rather see that or her being a wealthy socialite, like Bruce, who can relate to his other persona, as opposed to Miller’s version of her as a street urchin.

    In response to Brian from earlier, if they can pull off Scarecrow, they can pull of a jewel thief. And really, Brian – let’s not kid ourselves, In Nolan, you trust.

  9. Sean Ferguson

    Bane is the wild card for me. Selina/Catwoman can be pulled off by Nolan easily, but Bane potentially could be difficult to mesh with the realistic Batman universe that Nolan’s created. If they do incorporate Venom, which I think they should, it would have be handled very carefully.

    The whole point of Bane was that not only was he a mentally formidable opponent but he also had access to Venom making him an almost unbeatable fighter. Combine the two and he was almost an unstoppable foe. He even could be a slightly sympathetic character due to his background and the Venom experiments done to him. It will be really interesting to see where they take him.