New Suicide Squad “Blitz” Trailer!

Suicide Squad TNI have to admit, I wasn’t the biggest fan of David Ayer’s Suicide Squad when it was announced and especially after seeing stills of the Killer Croc or whatever his name is.  However, everything started to shift emotionally within me when the first trailer dropped.  Then came the next and so on and they just get better.  Despite not being a huge Margot Robbie fan, she actually has me excited for his portrayal of Harley Quinn.  In fact, the only one who has me nervous now is Jared Leto’s performance of my beloved Joker.  He just doesn’t look right, but all will be forgiven when this film rocks my world in August, right?  Absolutely!

So ahoy there folks.  Check out the newest trailer Warner Bros. released yesterday.  It may not have the emotional charge of the last Queen song they employed for the former trailer, but it has me all hot and bothered because not only is it inclusive of the DC Cinematic Universe by mentioning Supe, but you see a whole lot of Batman too.  For all the Batman v Superman fans out there, you know who you are Forbes, you have to be charged for this one now.  So without further ado, I give you the latest Suicide Squad trailer.

Suicide Squad


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