The 12th Annual Newport Beach Film Festival Has Begun

This is more of a preview of things to come, but I just wanted to point out that from April 28th to May 5th, 2011, the 12th annual Newport Beach Film Festival will be in full swing.  The festival takes place in Southern California, within the city of Newport Beach.  About an hour away from Hollywood, this beautiful coastline city will be a wonderful place to find classic and contemporary cinema being shared by both accomplished and new filmmakers to the public.  Over 350 films from over 40 countries will be screened during the week, in addition to 17 spotlight and special events, including discussions and Q&A’s with directors, screenwriters, cinematographers, and more.

As a resident of Southern California, I plan to attend the festival, hopefully gaining access to many different screenings of films that I have my eye on.  Despite the myriad of films that are being screened and my own list of articles that need to come out soon, I will do my best to provide reviews for films that have both been making there rounds through festivals and ones that are making their debuts at the NBFF.  With any luck, I may be able to score a few interviews with some actors and filmmakers as well.  In addition, each night of the film festival will end with exclusive parties, made possible by all of the generous sponsors, wishing to support the art of filmmaking.  Hopefully I will be able to contribute some of my own time in reporting on some of the events that occur throughout this exciting week.

Anyone with further interest should make sure to visit the Newport Beach Film Festival’s official website.  Furthermore, anyone who is actually in the Southern California area should try to make an effort to come down and be a part of the festival.  There are so many interesting and intriguing entries to check out, let alone plenty of stars and filmmakers currently hanging out in the area, so you never know who you might run into, let alone how much you may end up appreciating some of the films you see.

I will be posting reviews, updates, and whatever else I have time to write about throughout the week.  Until then, here is a nice little sneak peak:



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  1. Brian White

    Sweet! Make us proud Aaron!

    And enjoy!