Official: Hobo With A Shotgun Poster!

Hobo With A Shotgun was originally released with certain prints of  Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino’s Grindhouse a few years ago.  It was a fake trailer created for Rodriguez’s Grindhouse competition.  That’s all it took before director Jason Eisener decided to make a feature length film with Rutger Hauer in the lead as the Hobo…with a shotgun.  Magnet Films has released the official Hobo With A Shotgun theatrical poster and it is a doozy!  It reminds me of the original Machete poster.  Check it out! 

PRESS RELEASE: A train pulls into its final station and a Hobo hops from a freight car.  He has dreams of a fresh life in a new city, but finds himself trapped in an urban hell instead.  A city where criminals rule the streets, landlords evict single mothers in the middle of the night, and where the city’s crime boss, The Drake, reigns supreme with his sadistic, homeless-killing sons, Slick & Ivan.  Through the chaos, the Hobo comes across a shop window displaying a second hand lawn mower and a shotgun, and decides it’s time to cut the grass, make the city beautiful and start a new way of life.  But after witnessing the brutality that encompasses this city, he realizes the only way to make a difference in this place is with a gun in his hand and two shells in its chamber. ” 


Gerard Iribe is a writer/reviewer for Why So Blu?. He has also reviewed for other sites like DVD Talk, Project-Blu, and CHUD, but Why So Blu? is where the heart is. You can follow his incoherency on Twitter: @giribe

14 Responses to “Official: Hobo With A Shotgun Poster!”

  1. Brian White

    As soon as you said Robert Rodriguez, Quentin Tarantino and Grindhouse ALL in the same sentence I was instantly SOLD!

  2. Gerard Iribe

    The only thing is that they weren’t directly involved. They were just part of the initial GRINDHOUSE film and it showed with select prints. This feature length version is separate from that.

  3. Sean Ferguson

    I’ll see it for Rutger Hauer. He’s always good and this kind of reminds me of Blind Fury.

  4. Aaron Neuwirth

    Yes I’ll see this, but I hope this can deliver on being a movie that is more fun in its whole run time than the two minute trailer. Machete is fun, but the two minute trailer still ended up being more fun than an entire feature.

  5. Gerard Iribe

    I disagree with that, Aaron. I still haven’t seen the orginal trailer for Hobo, so I don’t know. I just though the poster kicked some ass.

    Sean, I agree about Blind Fury.

  6. Brian White

    @Aaron…I thought Machete was much better the second time around.

    Now with that being said I have to publicly speak about something. I watched Desperado last night for the first time and I LOVED it!….everything except that final gunfight. What????? Gerard filled me in on how they had to cut it to appease the movie studio, but do you mean to tell me you could not find any other way to do so? I felt so cheated and let down by that. I hope Once Upon A Time in Mexico has a better payoff because I expected so much more in Desperado than what I got in those final minutes 🙁

  7. Aaron Neuwirth

    I could say I enjoyed Machete more the second time around, because at this point I just have to live with what’s there (Jessica Alba being terrible vs. everyone else having fun); but I still got more out of a two minute trailer than the giant movie about Machete, as much as I did wanna love it. It falls into the realm of Once Upon a Time, where there are way too many characters and plots for something that should be much more simple, despite still having fun.

    With that being said, ‘hobo’ doesn’t have nearly as much built in to it as Machete did, so my expectations probably wont be hurt too much. And as Sean said, it has Rutger Hauer.

  8. Gerard Iribe

    Brian, keep in mind that RR still had no power within the system or with the studio. The MPAA made that clear. I think it works, though. There’s a certain ethereal quality to that final dissolve. It leaves it up to viewer’s imagination.

    RR would not have power until he signed with The Weinsteins. They were just giving away director’s cuts when RR signed with them to do films.

  9. Aaron Neuwirth

    I think for Desperado, the action kind of peeked with Banderas and his two buddies joining in for that epic guitar case gun battle enough that I didn’t really need another action scene. Of course, it is then followed by the mini epic that is Once Upon a Time

  10. Brian White

    I know G, but I just find it hard to believe that after everything I seen in that movie RR could not cutnsomething together better than what he did. I mean there were like 5 guns drawn on Banderas and you just flash to white? We the audience deserve better!

  11. Gerard Iribe

    We did. It works perfectly. It would have been redundant considering that everything that came before it was extreme overkill. Overkill in a good way, though. I think it was the first “realistic” moment of the whole film.

  12. Aaron Neuwirth

    I agree with Gerard, it would have been redundant. At that point, he achieved his objective, seeing a long shootout would probably look cool, but kind of drag out the inevitable. The fade out, if anything, elevates the character to the myth that he is being described as at the beginning of the film, as well as in Once Upon a Time.

  13. Brian White

    Sorry, but I have to disagree with both of you. I wanted closure and as redundant as it would have been…I deserve more than a white dissolve. That’s right…I’m being selfish.

  14. Aaron Neuwirth

    But you had closure. Banderas kills Bucho. That’s his whole drive. If anything, more shooting would defy his whole purpose; “Bucho is the last one.” If we saw him kill more people after Bucho, if would take away from what he wanted to do. So, Bucho is dead, move on to the other important things – Salma and the boy.