Open Sign Entertainment’s AMERICAN SCUMBAGS Launches Indiegogo Campaign!

Fresh off the first season of their series, Disconnected, Indie filmmaking company Open Sign Entertainment is continuing in the foray of television with American Scumbags. This show is looking to be Buffy the Vampire Slayer by way of American Pie, but keeping it cool like The Faculty if I’m right. Basically its going to play in the 90s genre sandbox. And this looks like something many people would be eager to see. If you are, you should help support the project as they’ll need your assistance with it. Something with grand ambitions like this need the help from fans who share the filmmakers’ passions like yourself. Personally, I’d LOVE to see them pull this off. It would be quite impressive to see. Keep on reading and I’ll supply you the details of how you can not be a scumbag and help these Americans out.

Here’s the low-down from them. Click on over to check out the page, their goals, incentives, yada yada.

We’re Open Sign Entertainment. Based in the Midwest USA, we’ve been creating & distributing films & TV-series for over 7 years. We’re a team of over 30, passionate about the joy of filmmaking.

This campaign for our series “American Scumbags” is our next big step. Having recently completed Season One of our first TV-series, Disconnected, we’re ready to take a leap into something bigger, better…and bloodier!

American Scumbags is everything that was lost when the 90s & early 2000s ended. If “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” had a baby (demon baby?) with “American Pie“, the end result would be American Scumbags, more so if it was raised by “The Faculty“. 

We get it though, there’s always filmmakers on crowdfunding sites asking for money, saying they have a great idea that is sure to be the next Oscar/Emmy-winning project. Well, we promise that American Scumbags WON’T! Due to its content, our show is guaranteed to send those stuffy award shows running and that makes us very happy. Need some proof that this project will happen? Say no more! Watch the trailer above to see what “American Scumbags” has in store for you!

Contributing to this campaign will not only help create a TV show that seeks to relive those old days, but you will be helping create a quality show that kicks ass and takes names!

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