Oscars – Day 7

It’s Oscar Day! After a week of preparation and stories leading up to the event, I’m almost sad that the day is upon us. Of course, this also means I have to return to Northeast Ohio and my day job, but I think I am ready to get back.  In today’s video clip, we walk you down the red carpet and show you some behind the scenes footage of the media setting up, and let you see what the stars will see and from their vantage point as they work their way down the red carpet to the Kodak Theater.

As I contemplate a week’s worth of reporting on the Oscars, my mind starts to question the enthusiasm with which I follow the Oscars. I mean, it is simply an awards show to give prizes to people who make entertainment for the rest of us, right? I mean, what’s the big deal?

As I near the point of dismissing the whole event and thinking that it is completely out of hand, the ebb gives way to flow as I think about the impact of a well-told story in cinema. Whether it be documentary films that cast a light on people suffering or triumphing in obscurity, or the animated features that teach moral truths to our children, or a pure entertainment film that challenges us like “Schindler’s List”, I am reminded that film is a powerful medium that can be used to move our world forward.

So, when you tune in the Oscars tonight, remember, this evening is about more than simply who wins best actor or best actress. This evening is about the people that move forward the art form of Cinema and use it to change the world. These people are animators, writers, directors, sound people, editors, set designers, and many other professions.

While we still pay homage to Shakespeare, Aesop, and Plato, so will future generations revere and study the accomplishments of the honorees of this evening. Let’s not dismiss this art form as pure entertainment. It is much more than that today, and certainly will be in the future.

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