Phantasm VAny fellow Phantasm fans that read us here at Why So Blu?  Well, screw it.  This story that popped up this week with a poster and word that a fifth film was coming and that is was likely actually already shot and almost ready to go completely took my fascination.  Fans have been on Don Coscarelli and stars like Reggie Bannister about when we would get to see the further antics of the Tall Man and those damn deadly silver balls.  They’d all keep saying they’d like to and talked about it for years.  Little did we know, they were filming the thing behind our backs.  It was already done.  This kind of stuff isn’t allowed to happen anymore in this day and age of internet news and social media.  Yeah, I know its Phantasm and not a big huge tentpole film, but its a franchise picture and a horror one at that, a fanbase that will dig to find every dirty detail.  Today, Entertainment Weekly was given the privilege of dropping the film’s first trailer, letting us know that YES, this film is pretty damn close to us seeing it already.  So, yeah, this sneaking up on us has definitely brought my excitement even if I was bored by Phantasm IV.

Phantasm V Poster


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