Predator Makes Marvel Debut

With one successful mini-series after another and a few volumes worth of collected stories to boot, everyone’s favorite intergalactic hunters have fully moved into their new home. Once a staple of Dark Horse Comics, Disney’s majority acquisition of 20th Century Fox has brought over some monster IP’s, both literally and in financial stature, to Marvel Comics. After making a number of cover page cameos on titles like Hulk and The Amazing Spider-Man, a Predator comic book series has debuted under someone other than Dark Horse for the first time.

Released in sync with the Hulu original film Prey, the latest in the Predator franchise, the Predator comic book mini-series is a six-issue story set in the year 2056.  Ed Brisson (Beyond the Breach, Ghost Rider) is the man with a plan as he’s responsible for writing duties throughout the half dozen issues.  Meanwhile, the wondrous work of artist Kev Walker fills the numerous pages of issue #1.  Walker is already well known in the comic book community having drawn for series such as Thunderbolts and Judge Dredd.  What you may not know is Walker has also done the artwork for several cards in the Magic: The Gathering card game.

Both Brisson’s words and Walker’s visuals play well off of one another in the inaugural issue of Predator under the Marvel banner.  If anyone remembers the original Alien vs. Predator comic, heroine Machiko Noguchi was the bad ass who fought her way through wave after wave of aliens to claim Predator respect.  Here we have Theta Nedra Berwick, who is the latest human bad ass to dip her toe in the Predator hunting pool.  The big difference here is instead of being chased by the Yautjas, Theta is chasing them.

Issue #1 comes in as a beefy, not-quite-supersized issue, but with more than enough meat on its bones to begin telling the story of Theta’s past and where she’s at in 2056 as an adult.  “Traumatic” is her middle name.

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