Requiem for a Blu-ray Dream

We just got another quick press release from Lionsgate Home Entertainment.  This time its about a Blu-ray title they are bringing to the format also on September 8th.  The title is a little movie that received rave critical praise, Requiem for a Dream.  I can’t attest to its superiority, but I always get excited for releases from my favorite Blu-ray studio.  Requiem for a Dream will receive the usual 1080P treatement with Lionsgate’s staple 7.1 DTS HD Master Audio.  Check out the mini press release below brought to you by the gracious folks over at lionsgate.  Read on…

Requiem for a Dream, which stars Academy Award® winners Ellen Burstyn (Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore, Best Actress in a Leading Role, 1974) and Jennifer Connelly (A Beautiful Mind, Best Supporting Actress, 2001), as well as Jared Leto (Lord of War) and Marlon Wayans, comes to Blu-ray disc this September from Lionsgate. The disc features a newly remastered 1080P High Definition Widescreen presentation of the film plus 7.1 DTS HD Master Audio.  Blu-ray special features include audio commentaries with the director and the director of photography, a “making of” documentary, deleted scenes and interviews.  A stunningly dramatic film about four people whose intertwined lives are filled with eternally hopeful despair, Requiem for a Dream received rave reviews from critics and audiences across the country.  Rolling Stone magazine proclaimed “no one interested in the power and magic of movies should miss it,”  the Detroit Free Press exclaimed the film “conveys, visually, sonically and dramatically, the siren call of addiction like no other movie has” and The New York Times praised the “astonishing performances.”  

Harry Goldfarb (Leto) and Marion Silver (Connelly) are lovers in Brooklyn with their version of the American dream, setting up a small business and spending the rest of their lives in love.  The two are also desperate heroin addicts, a compulsion that darkens their lives. Harry’s mother, Sara Goldfarb (Burstyn), is addicted to television. One day she receives a call from her favorite show and learns that she has been selected to appear on an upcoming broadcast.  When she can’t fit into her best red dress, her doctor prescribes diet pills, to which she swiftly and painfully becomes addicted. With its unflinching dissection of addiction, the film is a psychologically disturbing, visually captivating depiction of lost hope.


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