Re-Live Saturday Night’s Roctagon MMA Elite 7 Tournament!

Fight night fans got all they wanted and more this past Saturday night with the Roctagon MMA Elite 7 tournament at the Westside Masonic Temple in Ohio.  The bruising night featured ten fights, five brand-new fighters and one helluva finish.  The Masonic Temple was packed in tight with plenty of howling fans, and the close quarters only made for a more brutal venue.  Re-live Saturday’s fight night below!

Jeramy Davis (0-0)/Tyree Johnson (1-2)- These 2 Super-Heavyweights slammed into each other for the first fight of the night.  Some quick strikes and hard slams led to exhaustion for both fighters.  After 3 rounds, Johnson evens up his record at 2-2 with a unanimous decision victory.

Zach Jefferson(0-0)/Jonathan Flores (0-0)- These two 170 lb fighters made their Roctagon debut.  Quick fists and a rear-naked choke make for a quick victory for Flores with only 1:23 into the first round.

Dave Zimmerman(0-0)/Daniel Coffman(1-0)- An explosive start and a quick achilles hold 21 seconds into the first round lead to an easy victory for Coffman.

Brian Knox(2-0)/Jake Hedrick (2-0)- “Anything you can do I can do better”, Jake Hedrick reverses full mounts and gets out of a triangle hold for a unanimous decision victory over Knox in the first 145 lb fight of the night.

Edwin Taylor(1-0)/Jerrett “Hightower” Scott (1-0)- An explosive start and explosive fists lead to an explosive finish for the hard-hitting Taylor.

Joshua Hardwick(0-0)/Alphie Reyes (1-0)- Reyes intensity and massive beard prove to be too much for the green Hardwick as Reyes ends the fight quickly with a rear-naked choke in the first.

Jeremiah Yeager(4-2)/Arman Allyev (2-2)- Yeager and Allyev have a stand-up showdown but Yeager walks away with a split decision victory.

Roger Blankenship(4-4)/Mark “Hollywood” MacDonald (4-4)- Both fighters look for their fifth win while the rivalry between Cleveland and Pittsburg goes deeper than football as Blankenship and MacDonald battle it out on the grid iron for their cities.  Cleveland’s own Roger Blankenship wins with a split decision over Pittsburg’s MacDonald to chants of Cleveland from the crowd.

Josh Lasich(1-0)/Mike “Soul Train” Karis (3-0)- First round- Lasich dominates with rear position over Karis for all of first with a brief breath of life from Karis at the end. Second round- Little bit of stand-up game quickly  goes to ground as Lasich gets rear position again, this time locking in a rear-naked choke and winning by submission.

Brandon Seyler(4-1)/Rob Miller (11-2)- The title fight of the night was between these two masters of the mat.  Miller was defending his title against the up and coming Seyler.  First round-A couple kicks from Miller lead to a hard takedown by Seyler…enter groundgame, where Miller and Seyler battle for strategic position.  Seylers energy and desire showed flashes early on, but it was Millers experience that took control of the round.  Second round-Millers experience didn’t have time to take control this time as Seyelers energy and ferociousness lead to a devastating chokehold submission for a huge upset over the champ.  Miller stayed down unconscious after the fight ended and medics rushed to his aid.  After revival, Miller clearly didn’t know where he was, and ran around the ring, swinging blindly, before climbing over the cage and wildly throwing his body to the ground.  The medic and friends again rushed to his aid, this time to calm him as well as  resuscitate him.  After making sure he was all right, Miller entered the ring to congratulate the new champion, Brandon Seyler.

Certainly an exciting night for fans with a huge upset to end the night.  Be sure to come to the next Roctagon event, once again at the Westside Masonic Temple November 17th…..who knows what you’ll see!

Photos by Scott T. Morrison / Discovery Photo


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