Screamfest 2012: John Carpenter Q&A And Original Artwork

On Saturday, October 20th, at LA Live Regal Cinema, John Carpenter was present at the 12th Annual Screamfest to receive a Career Achievement Award and to be a part of a Q&A before a screening of one of his films, The Prince of Darkness, which was celebrating its 25th Anniversary.  John Carpenter has of course had a lengthy career, largely working on the outside of the Hollywood system to make movies on his own terms.  He has also been responsible for several classics and game changers in the horror genre, including Halloween and The Thing.  I was in attendance at the Q&A and managed to record all of it, which is posted in this article along with images of the 13 exclusive posters that were for sale at Screamfest on this day.  Proceed further to hear this Q&A and check out the awesome posters that were on the scene.

Posted below is the recording of the Q&A that took place before the screening of John Carpenter’s 1987 film, Prince of Darkness.  The Q&A was moderated by Brian Collins of HorrorMovieADay.com.  If you cannot see the audio player below, feel free to click the link HERE. (Special thanks to my Out Now podcast Co-host Abe, for editing the audio file for me.)

Below are pictures of the 13 exclusive posters, all original art, based on Carpenter’s films, which were sold in a limited quantity.  The proceeds of these posters went to The Humane Society of the United States.  I found the majority of these to be pretty cool, the Dark Star one in particular would have instantly been mine, were I to be fonder of that film.



Click the image below to learn even more about the artwork and to get a slightly bigger and clearer image.

To Learn More About This Event At Screamfest 2012, Click The Image Below:

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  1. Leigh O'Bryan

    Hi Aaron,

    I wanted to let you and your readers know that we still have posters available for sale to benefit The HSUS. Those interested can contact me at 310.440.0600 or leigh@hsushollywood.org. They are $50 each plus shipping.

    Thanks so much,
    Leigh O’Bryan
    The Humane Society of the United States