Screamfest 2022 – “What To See”

It’s October, and all genre film fans know what that means.  Mere thrills and chills?  We think not.  Halloween time is all about the screams, and there’s always one fest in Los Angeles that has all horror hounds covered – it’s SCREAMFEST HORROR FILM FESTIVAL!  So get your tricks and treats ready because Screamfest 2022 (go to www.screamfestla.com for more details!) is once again taking place October 11th – 20th at the infamous TCL Chinese 6 Theatres in LA at the Hollywood and Highland Center, and this year’s show promises to push the boundaries of both good taste and gore.  Seeking a little terror insight and horror retribution in the controversial areas of hunting and abortion?  Screamfest has got you covered!  Interested in examinations of killer dolls and kick-ass feisty females?  It’s all under one roof!  Sporting twenty-six features, ninety shorts, and even six student shorts (who will be the next pint size Tobe Hooper or Mary Lambert?) Screamfest 2022 is once again proving it is the premier place for all things bloodcurdling, and WhySoBlu.com will be covering all its wicked wares.  So let’s get things started with a brief look at what pops out this year with an initial look we like to call…‘What To See’!


Animal Payback Alert

“Deer Camp ’86” – Of course, the fact that this one takes place during the ’80s is a firm checkmark in the cool carnage camp, but add to that the tale of deer hunters getting their just desserts by becoming the hunted, and you’ve got a flick with its rifle sight set on irony.

Notable Gnarled Love Story

“Do Not Disturb” – Nothing says love like a good psychedelic, and that’s just what the two newlyweds of this terror tale decide to partake in.  A peyote trip outing that examines love, lust, carnal desires, and…cannibalism?  Make ours medium rare.

Topical Terror Premise

“Give Me An A” – Being helmed by sixteen fear-skilled female filmmakers is more than enough to put this awesome anthology outing on the list, but with each being a “reaction to the overturning of Roe v Wade,” we look forward to a cinematic hell hath no fury flick.

Reverse Elder Abuse

“The Goldsmith” – Firmly a flick in the not what they seem category, this tale of young robbers who get more than they bargain for in robbing a less-than-harmless old couple could be the turning tables treat of the fest.  Out with the new, in with the old indeed.

Badass Heroine Heads-Up

“Mad Heidi” – Put aside that this savory spoof sports genre favorite Casper Van Dien as the film’s baddie and takes place in the Swiss Alps.  (Swissploitation flick alert!)  We heed to the description of the character of Mad Heidi as “innocent girl transforms herself into a kick-ass female fighting force” – Max move over.

Icon Alert

“Living With Chucky” – With all things Child’s Play legacy still going strong to this day, why not examine the infamous demonic doll that refuses to die?  And who better to tell the doc tale of Chucky than Kyra Gardner, the daughter of Chucky special-effects make-up guru Tony Gardner, who grew up alongside the pint-size terror.  Thrill me!

Tastiest Terror Poster

“Everyone Will Burn” – Bypassing the dark description of this Spanish import, it’s the powerful poster that has us at hello.  A visual cross between Firestarter and Near Dark, Everyone Will Burn feels like a hot ticket.



“The Recipe” – 1970?  A deadly dish?  Starring genre queen Ashlynn Yennie?  We’re there. (You had us at Ashlynn!)

“All You Can Eat” – With a pic that feels like a throwback to past creature features, this one gives meaning to the age-old phrase what big teeth you have.

“The Last Christmas” – An 8-year-old girl plans to capture Santa – very naughty.

“Naked Zombie Girl Is Back” – Sporting nothing but a chainsaw and her birthday suit could make this the Nude Nuns With Big Guns for the scary set.


Carnage AND controversy – can’t wait!  Stayed tuned to WhySoBlu.com for continued coverage of all things Screamfest Horror Film Festival 2022, and go to www.screamfestla.com to check out this year’s crop of cinematic kills for yourself fright fans.  Stay tuned!


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