SDCC 2015: Batman! Superman! Wonder Woman! wowowowow!

SDCC 2015Nothing but spectacular doom and gloom.  Watching this in Hall H was one hell of an experience. The cast came out, all bright smiles except for Affleck. His parents were killed when he was a child, after all. Can you blame him? Or maybe it’s the divorce. When discussing the great actors who have played Batman, he mentioned George Clooney but didn’t mention Val Kilmer. I’m sure it was a simple flub. Or he was curious as to how many nerds would stroke out.

SDCC 2015

Zack Snyder revealed that Gotham and Metropolis are right next to each other, like Oakland and San Francisco. Gotham is more downtrodden while Metropolis is more upper-class. Aisha Tyler interrupted, admitting that she’s from San Francisco, claiming she would win, to which Snyder replied, “then you’d be from Metropolis.” Boom! There you have it. Superman wins. Batman loses. No need to see the film now. Of course, in a battle between Oakland and San Francisco, there are no winners, just losers.

SDCC 2015

Regarding that Batman armor suit, Snyder revealed that it’s not for battle, just survival. It’s designed to buy time, so he can figure out a way to defeat the Super enemy.

SDCC 2015

Ben Affleck, always a bundle of joy, told a story that too good to keep to myself. One afternoon, he was at a toy store with his son picking out a Batman outfit for the boy, when CHRISTIAN BALE called his name! Affleck asked if he had any words of wisdom for playing Batman. “Make sure you are able to piss in the suit” was the answer. Later, Affleck clarified that Bale was also purchasing a Batman costume for his son, and that he didn’t just spend his time in Batman toy sections.

SDCC 2015

The audience erupted into giggles and cheers that would give any sane person nightmares for weeks. Arriving after the “Suicide Squad” teaser, there was no shutting this crowd up. And for good reason. Check out the second trailer:

I like how we see perspectives from both sides. Snyder doesn’t play favorites. AND WONDER WOMAN! AND JESSE EISENBERG’S HAIR! KRYPTONITE! JOKER WRITING ON THE BATMAN COSTUME?!? How can you not be giddy. Hopefully we’ll see Jason Mimosa’s Aquaman soon.

SDCC 2015

“Batman v Superman: The Dawn of Justice” opens next March. Affleck knows the pain of anticipation:

SDCC 2015


I never stand in front of the elevator doors when they open. All because of the movie The Departed.

2 Responses to “SDCC 2015: Batman! Superman! Wonder Woman! wowowowow!”

  1. Jay

    That wasn’t Batmans suit Joker wrote on, it was a Robin suit. So Joker murdering Jason Todd is most likely canon in this DC universe.

  2. Jordan Grout

    AH HA! You’re right!! This makes me even more excited for this film.