SDCC 2016 – Fear The Walking Dead

fear twd thumbFriday at Comic-Con presented fans with not one but two Walking Dead panels back-to-back and we get to start things off with Fear the Walking Dead, which will continue the second half of its second season starting this August. As you could expect, Talking Dead’s Chris Hardwick was on hand to moderate the panel, which featured the debut of the official trailer for season 2B as well as discussion from the cast and crew.



As you can see from the trailer, the show will be staying in Mexico, with our group having been divided up. The most intriguing is Frank Dillane’s Nick, who decided to go on his own (walking amongst the walkers) and finding himself on the path to Tijuana. It is during this time, as the trailer showed us and the panel fleshed out more that Nick meets a new character played by Danay Garcia. She plays Luciana, who is a soldier of sorts and part of a group that has their own way of dealing with the walkers.

There is also Strand and Madison, along with some of the others, who appear to be in search of Nick, but are also looking to take shelter at an abandoned hotel. It just becomes a matter of how many walkers may have already taken up residence. Then you have everyone’s favorites, Travis and his son Chris, who are on their own and still butting heads over what levels to go for the sake of survival.

Fear the Walking Dead had increased in quality in its second season and while there have still been bumps in the road, the trailer for the second half of this current season at least features an interesting direction of the show that seems to be putting it more in line with some of the better ideas presented in The Walking Dead. Even the imagery manages to be quite evocative, with the south of the border setting and some creative shots involving the walkers doing plenty to continue the show’s best aspect – the depiction of zombies and the chaos that surrounds them.

As far as the panel goes, there was the basic camaraderie you’d expect amongst the cast and some fun banter between Walking Dead creator/producer Robert Kirkman and Hardwick. In addition to the trailer, fans were also treated to a fun blooper real, with a highlight involving Colman Domingo’s Strand dancing to Michael Jackson.

Other information about the series was fairly sparse in supply, but little tidbits such as how grueling it is for Dillane to cover himself in fake blood and Kirkman’s fondness for stepping back in time to work on a show set in the timeline it has was interesting enough. One just has to hope the series figures out how to best explore its characters better,

Fear the Walking Dead returns Sunday, August 21, on AMC.

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