SDCC 2016 – “Hope and Potential for Mankind:” Wonder Woman Movie Panel

wonder-woman-movie-2017-gal-gadot-imagesToday, during the Warner Bros. panel in H Hall, trailers and upcoming sneak peeks submerged audiences in the DC Comic Universe. From Suicide Squad to Justice League, the audience was mesmerized and dazzled by the good (and bad) guys who fight evil. However one DC superhero definitely stood out from the rest,  none other than the Goddess Diana herself. Unveiling the much anticipated trailer to adoring fans, the director (Patty Jenkins) and cast the of Wonder Woman revealed much more than footage, but reasons why the world needs Wonder Woman and her story told now more than ever.

When prompted by host Conan O’Brien, the director and cast divulged the significance of Wonder Woman as a symbol of goodwill and humanitarian efforts for a better future. Chris Pine commented that Wonder Woman gives a sense of “hope and potential for mankind,” making her character more than the obvious sexy vixen action hero. But what I think struck a chord most with the audience was when the Amazonian goddess (Gal Gadot) discussed the importance and responsibility of playing Wonder Woman herself. Stating that “everyone can relate to [her] not just girls, not just boys, but adults too,” making the point that anyone can be as strong and compassionate as Wonder Woman. Reflecting more on her impact Gadot added, “I watched an interview with the real Princess Diana and she had said she ruled with her heart. That is how I see our Diana, she leads with her heart and her heart is strong.”

Listening to the panel and watching the amazing trailer, it’s no doubt that Wonder Woman will be the ruler of many hearts and the box office. To watch the trailer check out Brian White’s post, It’s A Great Time to Be Alive Part 2: Wonder Woman Trailer at Comic-Con!


Gal Gadot striking her best Wonder Woman pose and sitting next to Chris Pine at the Comic-Con 2016 Panel

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