SDCC 2017: Cyanide & Happiness

Comic-Con 2017“Cyanide & Happiness,” in association with global media company Studio71, is launching its first-ever line of collectible mini-figures at San Diego Comic-Con. The line comprises 12 unique “Cyanide & Happiness” characters hand-picked from the archives to create a truly collectible line. All mini-figures are packed in individual boxes that look the same, so fans have no way of knowing what character they will get. However, there’s an opportunity at Comic Con for fans to purchase a convention-exclusive set with all 12 mini-figures that comes with an additional bonus “Golden God” figure.

The “Cyanide & Happiness” mini-figures will be sold at an exclusive pop-up shop at Comic-Con at Luce Loft (1037 J Street, San Diego, CA), 11AM-4PM PT on Saturday, July 22. As an added bonus, “Cyanide & Happiness” writer and illustrator Rob DenBleyker will be on hand signing all mini-figures purchased that day.

The “Cyanide and Happiness” mini-figure line is the latest offering from Explosm Entertainment and has been developed in partnership with Studio71. The mini-figures follow the debut of Explosm’s hugely popular card game Joking Hazard, which became the second most-successful card game in Kickstarter history, and custom Cyanide and Happiness Emoji and Avatar Generator app, which has been downloaded more than a million times since its launch March 2017 launch.

“Our fans have been asking about collectible ‘Cyanide & Happiness’ figures for ages, and we’re excited to finally be bringing them to life with Studio71. It feels like all of the ‘Cyanide & Happiness’ short and episode characters came to life and are now sitting on my shelf judging me,” Rob DenBleyker, writer and illustrator of “Cyanide & Happiness.

“Cyanide & Happiness is a wildly-popular global brand that is constantly pushing the boundaries of content creation with their innovative offerings. We are delighted to partner with them once again on this new line of collectibles,” said Javon Frazier, EVP of Strategy and Business Development at Studio71.

The “Cyanide & Happiness” mini-figures include the following characters:

·         Ultrasoldier

·         Ketchup Cowboy

·         Lunk

·         Senor Cleanfist

·         Shark Rad

·         Clawford

·         Satan

·         God

·         Blue Shirt Guy

·         Ketchup Man

·         Green Shirt Guy

·         Butt Shark

Starting Monday, July 24, the mini-figures will be available for purchase on the Explosm.net site.


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