SDCC 2017: Kevin Smith’s Comic Book Movie Trivia Mayhem

Comic-Con 2017Fans of comic book films, comedy, and trivia were treated to a highly entertaining comic book movie trivia panel hosted by Kevin Smith (Clerks, Dogma). The format allowed for some very cunning improv moments by the Smith as well as participants, Marc Bernardin (“Fatman on Batman” Podcast), and Julie and Shawna Benson (writers for “The 100”), and the judges David Steinberger (CEO of ComiXology) and Col Needham (CEO of IMBd). Judged more on entertainment value rather than veracity of answers, this was a tremendously fun and funny event with plenty of irreverence and frivolity.

Kevin Smith introduces the “rules” for the trivia contest

While trivia round one started with some seemingly honest attempts at serious answers, by the end of the panel, it often devolved into ridiculousness or just straight up answers mrant to suck up to IMDb CEO Col Needham. Questions included things like “which Batman has the best hair?”, “Who is Howard the Duck?”, “What 1997 film based on a comic book starred Shaquille O’Neil?” Answers were all over the place: Lego Batman has the best hair, Shaq starred in “Dr. Scholls.” It was all very fast and funny, with plenty of room for audience outbursts or answer-condemnations.

Even though the answers from the panel were great, Kevin Smith’s knack for on-the-spot comedic observations were the real star of the show. He commented on little audience sounds, the quality of the judging, the quality of the answers, and the oddness of the scorekeeping. Riffs on IMDb and ComiXology were found in plentitude as well. All of this left a howling audience very satisfied with an hour well-spent.

These little morsels of relaxing laughter after a day full of standing in lines and taking careful, inching steps through the exhibit hall were greatly appreciated. Find an oasis at Comic Con, wherever you can. Hopefully Kevin Smith will be there in a room full of comic-movie lovers and you can have a great time.

The Panel: Kevin Smith, Marc Bernardin, Julie Benson, Shawna Benson, David Steinberger, and Col Needham


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