SDCC 2017: Preview Night

Comic-Con 2017We’ve waited all year, and here it is at last! The beginning of Comic-Con 2017! Let us rejoice! To begin, I will share with you all the photos I took while walking around the showroom, including new Justice League costumes, Lego sets, and even…GREMLINS 2: THE NEW BATCH.




First up, the new Black Series edition for Luke Skywalker, as “Jedi Master.”


And Rey, looking a bit scared in her “Jedi Training” mode. She has her blaster, lightsaber, and staff from the last film.



And now Wonder Woman! It might just be me, but her outfit doesn’t look as colorful as it did in Wonder Woman. Then again, many decades might have added a rustic look to the outfit.


And Aquaman, looking rather menacing. I do like the armor he’s wearing, particularly the shin-guards. Are those shin-guards or part of the boot? Either way, looks pretty awesome.



I’m still not 100% on board with Cyborg, but I will admit: he looks a lot better here than he has in any of the trailers. The detail on the suit is mesmerizing.


His mouth isn’t glowing. It’s just a reflection.



And Batman, looking indifferent. Not sure if Batman is just tired or if it’s a reflection of Ben Affleck’s feelings towards the DCEU. He still is wearing those goofy goggles from last time. The chest looks like it could open up. Is that a voice modulator on his throat? Did he have that last time? Does he really need a Bat-Bulge?


Flash is by far my favorite costume, although it looks as if he’s been bound by piano wire. I love the lightening strike on his shoe; it’s my favorite aspect of the film so far. It better get some good screen time.



I’m not a big fan of these Funko Pop toys, but I assumed you might be. So here you go!



And here are some highlights from Sideshow Collectibles:



Like most people, I didn’t care too much for Jared Leto’s Joker, but I find it amusing that he’s wearing Batman pants under boxing sorts that read “Damaged.” WB sure loved that damaged slant, and they’re going to shove it in our faces until we submit.



Her bat should have read “Good Knight.”



Can we get another Swamp Thing movie already?



And of course, some insanely impressive Legos.



And everyone’s favorite Batmobile. The one from our childhood, the one with all the guns and missiles on top. We all remember that, right?


And my favorite:




I never stand in front of the elevator doors when they open. All because of the movie The Departed.

2 Responses to “SDCC 2017: Preview Night”

  1. Gregg

    Wow! Blown away by the Swamp Thing, Mr. Freeze and Killer Croc statues!! STB!! Those are incredible sculpts.

  2. Brian White

    Great shots J!!!