SDCC 2017: Psych Reunion and Movie Sneak Peek

Comic-Con 2017Get ready to spot some hidden pineapples! The “Psych” panel led by Jimmi Simpson and featuring stars James Roday, Dulé Hill, Maggie Lawson, Kirsten Nelson, Corbin Bernsen, series creator Steve Franks, and executive producers Chris Henze and Kelly Kulchak was a total blast with a sing-a-long of the show’s theme song, a Q&A with the panel, some reminiscing of memories from the show, and an excellent and much anticipated 8-minute clip from the upcoming Psych film, which comes to USA in December. The movie clip was clearly the main event as the ballroom packed to the gills with 4800 rabid “Psych-os” swelled with excitement over the first new scenes from the beloved characters in nearly 3 years. It looks awesome.

A grainy picture shot from far away featuring the entire “Psych” panel

Series creator Steve Franks spent some time talking about how pretty much just as they were wrapping on the final episode of the series, he was thinking about what to do for a “Psych” movie. He even joked that now that this one was mostly done, he wants to make 5 more movies as the characters are just so great. Any fan of the series can empathize with that feeling. We grew to love Shawn, Gus, Jules, Lassi, Vick, and Henry so much over the series’ 8-season run, that having them just disappear into their new San Francisco adventures feels like an incomplete story. Franks mentioned that we will indeed get to continue that story as we catch up with the cast in the city by the Bay and while they might be up to their old tricks, the new setting offers some fun new experiences for them to psych people out with.

The movie will feature Vick and Juliette working for the SFPD, Gus working as a pharmaceutical rep in the city, and Shawn probably just getting into some trouble. Detective Lasseter and Henry Spencer were left behind in Santa Barbara, but they will very likely have some reason to show up in the movie and help straighten Shawn out. The clip shown at Comic Con showed Shawn investigating a black market, and using his enhanced observational skills as well as his cowardice to rile up and then escape from some shady characters. It was an excellent return to form for those involved, as it felt just like stepping right back into the show!

While we only got a short 8-minute clip as well as a fun little teaser showing Shawn and Gus in a montage practicing their classic quips and moves, it was just enough to really get all those in attendance to jump aboard the hype train. A palpable love and appreciation the entire panel exhibited for the show really brought it all together and made this a fun event showing off a really fun-looking movie featuring characters that many probably expected would never be seen again. I, for one, am incredibly excited to tune in and see what kinds of crazy situation Shawn Spencer finds himself in when this comes out later this year; just wish I didn’t have to “wait for iiiiiiiiit” as long.

Super awesome “Psych” pin given away to attendees of the panel. (Yes, the flavor was actually delicious!)

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