SDCC 2017: Star Trek Discovery Pop-up Exhibit!

Comic-Con 2017


The Star Trek Discovery Pop Up Display at San Diego Comicon was a major highlight of a long day of waiting in line and trying to navigate through the massive crowds. While it exciting to see all these costumes there are definitely some questions being raised while gliding through the exhibit. To balance the eyebrow raising costumes there were many tried and true, classic, props that give hope to a series that could be exactly what we are all waiting for. If anything, at least Harry Mudd will appear, looking great as ever.



Torchbearer D’k tahg:


Torchbearer Armor:


Klingon Bat’leth:


Klingon Helmet and Collar:


Klingon Uniform:


Klingon Mek’leth:

Klingon Disruptor Rifle and Disruptor:


Klingon Bridge Officer Helmet:




Harcourt Fenton “Harry” Mudd:



Starfleet Long Haul Space Suit:


Starfleet Phaser Pulse Rifle and Hand Phaser:

Starfleet Captains Duty Uniform, Command Division:


Starfleet Medical Officer Duty Uniform:


Starfleet Duty Uniform, Sciences Division:


Starfleet insignia Badges, Communicator, and Tricorder:



Vulcan IDIC Pendant:



We simply cannot wait to see Star Trek Discovery! Coming September 24, 2017!!!


I never stand in front of the elevator doors when they open. All because of the movie The Departed.

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