SDCC: The Costumes of Batman versus Superman

SDCC 2015Walking around the Exhibit Hall at Comic-Con, you are bound to come across the costume displays from Zack Snyder’s “BATMAN V SUPERMAN: THE DAWN OF JUSTICE.” If you’re not able to attend, fear not, I’ve taken some photos for your pleasure.

First off on our journey, let’s look at this wondrous woman:

SDCC 2015


Pretty awesome warrior suit. Perfect colors – I heard someone next to me say it was pretty dark, but I disagree. I love it. C’mon! Just look at those boots! And that shield! And the sword!

SDCC 2015

I like that Bat symbol. It looks chunky, as if it’s arrived at old age and just decided to let itself go and relax. Look at Batman, fists reads, ready to battle….

SDCC 2015

SUPERMAN! It looks the same from last time. I appreciate that. It’s a fine costume and there’s no need to alter it. Fun fact I heard at Comic-Con: in “Superman Returns,” the animators had to enlarge Routh’s package (because it was too small). I don’t know if it’s true, but it’s funny and I want to share that chuckle with you. Amusing that they have Batman looking at Superman, but Superman is just looking away, like “duuhhhhhhh, what’s going on?”

SDCC 2015

I love love love this. It doesn’t look comfortable or a suit that’s easy to move in, but it’s badass. I’m excited about Affleck in the film. I’m looking forward to the day when I have grandchildren, sit them down, and tell them ˝When I was your age, George Clooney was Batman.˝


I never stand in front of the elevator doors when they open. All because of the movie The Departed.

3 Responses to “SDCC: The Costumes of Batman versus Superman”

  1. Jordan Grout

    That’s a pretty awesome profile photo.

  2. Brian White

    Well I have to say Batman’s outfit can never be dark enough, but I am quite pleased with what your camera captured. Thanks so much. Like Yoda said to Padme about seeing her alive, these pictures bring warm feelings to my heart. Awesome stuff!

  3. Brian White

    Yes it is! (about the profile photo)