Seven Psychopaths = Seven PsychoCATS: The Trailers

Getting in the spirit for this weekend’s premiere of Seven Psychopaths in a theater near you, these comedy clips below were sent over to me by one of my favorite press people here in Cleveland and I wanted to share them with all our readers here.  As you can see below, there are both the Green Band and links to the Red Band trailers, and as an added bonus…I also included the theatrical ones as well.  My full review of the actual movie will be going up later this week, but I won’t keep you guessing on pins and needles when I say it’s in my Top 10 of the year thus far.  But more about that later…in the meantime…enjoy!

Seven PsychoCATS is a remix of the Seven Psychopaths trailers featuring cats:


Here are the original Seven Psychopaths trailers: Green Band & Red Band (NSFW).


PsychoCATS was directed by Adult Swim alumni Jim Tozzi, here’s his bio:


Jim Tozzi studied film and illustration at the Rhode Island School of Design. He has created and worked on both animated and live action films. After graduating from RISD, Jim moved to New York and worked at Broadcast Arts, as an inker, cel painter and animator. He’s directed music videos for Mercury Rev and Moby. He created the award winning retro “Twip” campaign for TV Land. He’s directed commercials for Miller Lite, Sony Playstation, Nick at Nite, Sprite and Florida’s anti-tobacco campaign as well as the award winning Kellogg’s Rice Krispie Treats campaign for Leo Burnett.  As part of the art collective PFFR, Jim designed animation characters and puppets for the underground hit MTV show, Wondershowzen. He co-created and produced Xavier: Renegade Angel on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim.


ONE HECK OF A PROMOTER!!! Also a Dreamer, Producer, Agent of Love, Film Lover, Writer of Screenplays and a Devoted Apostle to all things Ford Mustangs (the real ones with V8's!). Some of my favorite films include FIGHT CLUB, MOULIN ROUGE, THE DARK KNIGHT, STAR WARS alongside television shows such as SEINFELD, 24, SANFORD & SON and even the often loathed in the geek community BIG BANG THEORY. Outside of my three lives I live I also enjoy spending time with my girlfriend and our three girls (of the furry kind).

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