Severin Films Tightens ‘Loose Screws’ on Blu-ray!

Tell me… who doesn’t like a teen-sex-comedy from the 80’s?  They were so bad at times that they almost became a guilty pleasure among younger audiences.  Okay, they did!  Anyway, Severin Films just hit my Inbox with a press release for the Blu-ray debut of Screwballs II: Loose Screws.  The 1985 film (God, that makes me feel really old) will make it glorious Blu-ray debut on July 27th.  For more information, check out the full press release below.

LOS ANGELES (June 28, 2010) – After delivering the DVD debut of Screwballs last year, Severin Films revisits the Canuxploitation-teen-sex-comedy genre for the film’s epic sequel, LOOSE SCREWS. Available for the first time on DVD and Blu-Ray, the film will be available at retailers July 27.

The uproarious film – along with all actresses’ jiggly bits – have been restored to their former glory thanks to a rare 35mm print recently unearthed in Glendale. The discovery’s pristine condition ensures the DVD and Blu-Ray versions of LOOSE SCREWS offer not only the original aspect ratio, but also rich lustrous colors; two elements not seen since the successful film’s 1985 debut.

Both versions are presented with bonus material: featurettes with production manager Ken Gord and producer Maurice Smith; commentary track by director Rafael Zielinski; and the international version in its entirety, which contains an extra 10 minutes of footage trimmed from the U.S. version

In the grand and gross tradition of Porky’s, LOOSE SCREWS is a mid-80s pubescent romp that follows the horny high jinks of four boys forced to attend summer school at Cockswell Academy under the watchful eye of Principal Arsenault. While there, the boys play a game where they earn points for scoring with a girl. Each decides to go for the ultimate 100-point score, Mona Lott, the new French teacher. But when they’re unable to get a shot at her, they end up in Principal Arsenault’s unforgiving clutches. After all is lost, they take one final chance during the school’s anniversary celebration.

LOOSE SCREWS vividly captures the looks and sounds of 1985 with memorable fashion and music. In fact, the soundtrack is made up of original songs written exclusively for the film and performed by the Nu Kats. A standout is “Do The Screw,” a song that appears in the film during an unforgettable production number on the beach. Nu Kat singer and guitarist Freddy Moore co-wrote “Changing” with his then-wife, Demi Moore.



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