Shakira Did It Again!

Shakira - Did It AgainThe title of the story says it all.  Hot off the success of her first single “She Wolf,” the seductive Shakira has “Did It Again” with her latest hip shaking music video.  Interestingly enough, the song “Did It Again” will be her next single off the new album, She Wolf, in all countries outside the United States.  The reason being is that Shakira is prepping her latest Timbaland produced radio chart topping song “Give It Up To Me” for offering to the American audiences.  And that ladies and gents, is the very reason her new album has been delayed in the US until November 23rd. 

Check out the debut of Shakira’s latest music video “Did It Again” below. 


I was also nice enough to include below a few pictures of her Saturday Night Live performance of “Did It Again” that aired this past October and the cover art of the song’s CD single.  In addition, since I am in such a generous mood today, if you click on the below two images you can check out a HD performance of “Did It Again” on Saturday Night Live courtesy of ShakiraMedia.com. 

Shakira - Saturday Night Live - Did It Again

Shakira - Saturday Night Live - Did It Again

Shakira's "Did It Again" CD Single Cover Art

Don’t forget to head out to your local newsstand and pick up the latest issue of the legendary Rolling Stone music magazine, which prominently features the lovely Shakira on the front cover.  The article and photos will satisfy your curiosity and cravings, for the time being, about what is currently going on in the wolrd of Shakira and the making of her new album, She Wolf.  Click on the image below to whet your appetite and get a sneak preview of the very interesting read.

Shakira on the cover of Rolling Stone

Below are some essential Shakira items that no fan should be without!


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