Slamdance 2017 – Jason Is On The Jury!

Slamdance Square copyI’m here is snowy Park City, Utah movie fans and it’s comfortably cold.  (I’m originally from Canada, so this place is a piece of cake!)  What am I doing in such a white mountain ridden place?  There’s a movie buzz in the air and where there are films unspooling I will be there!  (This year for the amazing WhySoBlu.com!)  Plus ardent cinema lovers are acutely aware that in January the very busy high altitude town is the home of two very amazing film festivals including the…

slamdance marquee




sundance marquee

And what better way to celebrate a new year then to cover both in detail for you here at WhySoBlu.com – welcome!

park city

But the film fun doesn’t end there, as along with reviews, interviews and party coverage, yours truly, the little guy, Jason Coleman will officially be a member of the illustrious Narrative Jury for this year’s Slamdance Film Festival!  That’s right film lovers, I will be watching all eleven films in competition in the theater (I’m a purist!) and will be deciding on this year’s lucky winner.  (Scratch that sucker off my bucket list!)  But I won’t be going down the movie rabbit hole alone, as I’ll be joined by two others in a 12 Angry Men  (and woman in this case!)  style deliberation to the death!  (Like Thunderdome in a conference room!)  The 2017 jury will include…

Ania Trzebiatowska


Manager of Acquisitions at Visit Film

Jerzy Rose

Jerzy Rose

Filmmaker and Director of the Feature “Neighborhood Food Drive”

And ME!


So while I can’t give away winner hints or opinions on the Narrative Features themselves, I will be dropping behind the scenes insight via a Jury section in my continuing coverage so keep an eye out.  I will of course be checking out films at both fests (looking like about thirty-five between the two films!) and keeping you up to date on what’s hot and not.  Flick I’m most looking forward to this year….

raw photo


(Granted I have not read the descriptions of the eleven films I have to judge as I wanna go in cold and ready!)

So stay tuned to WhySoBlu.com for the skinny on all Park City film happenings and wish me luck on my journey to picking the best of the best for 2017 – Jason is on the Jury!


p.s. Having been in LA for a while my first stop on the way to Park City – Taco Time!

taco time sign

taco time food


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  1. Michael Coleman

    Crisp meat burritos-you bastard! Glad you got to enjoy them and hope you have fun. I cannot wait to hear your take on RAW