Slamdance 2017 – Narrative Feature Winners Are Announced!

Slamdance Square copyWell, my Narrative jury time and of course WhySoBlu.com coverage of all things Slamdance Film Festival 2017 is officially over and it’s been one hell of a fun ride.  Not only did I get to watch tons of great films, brave the beauty of the snow and eat local food to die for (check out Freshies for amazing Lobster Rolls!), but I can now check being on a film jury off my bucket list.  I was so very proud to be a part of a festival that prides itself on picking great films and it’s a cherished memory I will hold near and dear.

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But there has to be a winner in the end and using my WhySoBlu.com (notice the firm display of our loud and proud official blue wristbands via the gang from Kate Can’t Swim above!) movie brain it was difficult indeed. The result of seeing ALL eleven films in the theater with an audience and being ready with notes in hand made for a spirited but ultimately satisfying time in the jury room.  Everyone of course had their favorites but in the end we came together as a jury and decided on the best of the Narrative Feature bunch, which included for the Honorable Mention Award the outstanding…




And the Grand Jury Prize for Narrative Feature went to the original…



(Check out the announcement with our comments HERE!)

Both fine films and two that I will be very proud to helm the Q&A for when they show at the Slamdance Cinema Club Screening in LA at the Hollywood Arclight!


So time say goodbye from the glorious and snowy setting of Park City!  As really special thanks to everyone involved, from the filmmakers to the very cool head man Peter Baxter for having faith that a little movie geek like me could handle a coveted jury position.  And be sure to check out both Dim The Fluorescents and Kate Can’t Swim when they become available!


Viva la Slamdance 2017!


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