Is Sony’s PSN Christmas Outage Makeup To Us Really Enough?

Playstation PlusI make it no surprise.  When it comes to televisions and home media players, there’s no other brand I’ll recommend or even own in my home other than Sony.  They build the best gear in my opinion (I’m not being paid to say this) and are worth the extra bucks over the competition as far as I’m concerned.  Also, when it comes to Blu-ray players, again in my opinion, you’ll never hear me speak of any other player besides the Playstation 3, the king of them all.  However, a funny thing happened this past January.  I became a gamer when I got my grubby paws on a Playstation 4 and did the unthinkable, I paid to become a Sony PSN Plus member so I could kick some arse online in the Call of Duty franchise, and also bask in all the other benefits the membership has to offer like free games, discounts, multiplayer matches and more.  We, the fans and players on the Playstation 4, come to rely on our PSN Plus memberships like crack to a junkie.

So imagine mine and countless others extreme frustrations when we awoke Christmas morning and we were not able to unmercifully pick on all the new Call of Duty newbies, register and update our new Christmas games or even chat with our friends on there.  It was awful!  And that outage, a result of a cyberattack on Sony, went on for days!

I’m sure y’all remember years ago when Sony got hacked and all our accounts and everything were compromised and we were forced to change passwords, etc. before going back on, right?  Granted, that outage was a lot longer than this, but Sony made it up to us with free games, etc.  Here’s how the company plans on making it up to you now as a result of the Christmas outage (and it’s very vague as to the “whens” in my opinion).

Sony announced yesterday (here) that it is giving gamers a five-day extension of PlayStation Plus.  To qualify, you had to have an active account on on Dec. 25.  Additionally, Sony is giving every PlayStation Network member a 10-percent discount code.  This will save you 10 percent on every item in your cart for one transaction.  The full press released is pictured below.

Sony PSN Outage Makeup

So what do you say?  Is that fair?  You satisfied?  Honestly, I am not!  This outage happened during CHRISTMAS, people!  I want a free game or something heftier than a 10% discount, but that’s just me and my freedom of speech at least gives me the right to rant about it and voice my opinion.  So with that being said and off my chest, I’ll leave you with this…

This month, beginning January 6th, the PS Plus “free” games include add-on Infamous: First Light and The Swapper for PS4, DuckTales Remastered (hell to the yeah) for PS3 and much more!  You can find the full press release and included games by clicking here.


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  1. Gregg

    That is rather sad. I always feel a vendor offering a 10% discount is insulting to the consumer. That’s not a bargain. Where is the free download?