Spike TV’s Scream 2009: Exclusive Red Carpet Interviews

Spike TV's Scream 2009 Red Carpet CoverageThe red carpet at the 2009 Spike TV Scream Awards featured stars aplenty and Why So Blu was there to cover all the glitz and glamor that strolled down the hailed walkway that night.  Make sure to check out our photo coverage of the red carpet extravaganza here.  We managed to get a few soundbites from some of those in attendance, starting with Nathan Barr, composer of the hugely successful HBO series True Blood. 

 Scream 2009 - Nathan Barr

WSB:  When you’re doing composition, how is the work delivered to you?  Are you given several episodes to work on?

Nathan:  One at a time.  I’m given one at time.  Usually it’s a live cut, it’s all been edited and then I sit down and take a week to three weeks and just go through the show.  Alan (Ball) and I sit down and figure out where the music’s gonna be, what we want it to say and then I write it. 


WSB:  Do you find it difficult trying to bridge a gap going from something really dark at times to a lighter mood or something romantic-oriented?

Nathan:  You know, it’s all in the writing, the actual screen writing.  If it plays naturally the way it’s directed and the acting is good, it makes my job so much easier.  On a show like True Blood where all that’s first rate, it’s really very easy.


WSB:  Do composers get writer’s block?

Nathan:  Occasionally!  Yeah, again, if the show’s good it doesn’t happen that much, but yes, I have had writer’s block before. 


 Scream 2009 - Geoff Johns

Stan Lee mentioned that fifty years ago, you’d be embarrassed to say you worked in the comic book industry, but today, you embrace it.  One reason for this is the attention-grabbing talents of writer Geoff Johns.  Arguably the biggest thing to hit the shelves of comic book stores in a long time is the Blackest Night series from DC.  Drenching the DC Universe in pure evil complemented by the stench of death is the tale of a heart-devouring conflict delivered to our fingertips from the mind of Geoff Johns.  Winner of the Best Comic Book Writer award, the man behind Green Lantern, Flash Rebirth and Blackest Night provided Why So Blu with a quick bit of info that’s keeping comic book fans waiting with baited breath.


WSB:  You’ve got to be satisfied with the success of the Blackest Night series so far.

Geoff:  Very!


WSB:  Without saying too much, can you mention anything that we can expect in the series?

Geoff:  Um, Blackest Night Batman or Black Lantern Batman.


Black Lantern Batman?  Stay tuned, folks!


 Scream 2009 - Watchmen FX Guys

One of the most heralded graphic novels of our time is DC’s Watchmen.  Earlier this year, we saw the literary masterpiece make its way to cinemas around the world, delighting fans everywhere.  Two of the gents responsible for the effects of what audiences witnessed were on hand to answer questions.


WSB:  Working on Watchmen, what did you find was the bigger challenge for special effects; the alternating ink blot of Rorschach’s mask or Doc Manhattan?

FX guys:  Well, we actually did the practical effects, the makeup effects.  I’m happy to say we had nothing to do with the blue penis.  That was not us!  We did all of the aging makeups in the film because it spans two generations and we did all of the character makeups of the film.  We created twenty-six characters ranging from Kennedy to Krushchev to all of the big figures of the day, of the era.  We also did all of the gore effects.  Everything from the prisoner getting his arms cut off to the pedophile character that Rorschach beats with a meat cleaver. 


Unfortunately, time did not allow for more questions as officials rounded up the remaining celebrities and directed them inside the venue, cutting this interview a bit short.  A grand red carpet event had concluded, but the evening’s festivities were just getting underway inside.  Tune in to Spike TV on October 27th to see the 2009 Scream Awards in their entirety! 


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