Brian Finishes Jigsaw’s Puzzle in Saw VI

Saw VIJust when you think the intensity of the plotlines could not possibly get any more convoluted, intertwined and twisted, you are proven wrong time and again.  It’s Halloween time so that must mean it’s Saw time.  I have to be honest.  I did not think I was going to make the debut outing tonight (referring to Friday), but the damp fall weather and a friend’s persistent nudges to venture out proved to be a fruitful endeavor, worthy of an entry in my Top 10 list of theatrical releases this year.

 Saw VI

October 23rd ushered in the sixth film in the seemingly never ending Saw franchise and it just seems to get better every jaunt as Jigsaw’s last will is carried out on the silver screen.  The familiar faces, the deadly traps and the shrieks of horror are all back one last terrifying time.  Or is it the last time?  Rumor has it that Tobin Bell is signed through eight films.  Saw VI definitely had the feel of a franchise ender going out on top, but who ever saw (no pun intended) Saw II coming?  Not me!  I think if the demand is there, Saw VI will not be the last we see of the deceased killer who never really seems to die.  Just how many of those little tape recorders did he have?  I hope he ordered them in bulk.

 Saw VI

Like the majority of the entries in the franchise, Saw VI picks up moments after Saw V concludes.  Jigsaw’s successor (Costas Mandylor) is still on the loose, but this time he does not have everyone fooled despite doing one bang up job of eliminating all loose ends, at least the ones he knew about.  Meanwhile, Jigsaw’s ex-wife (Betsy Russell) plays a more crucial role in this film, as she diabolically makes sure every one of her late husband’s last wishes are successfully carried out.  And we all thought she did not care?

Saw VI

The best thing about the Saw films is how they have always been one big interconnected 1,000-piece puzzle and this sixth entry is no exception.  It just amazes me how they can go back and forth as cohesively as they do.  I think that’s where they got me.  I am a sucker for logical continuity, and hence an addict of Saw.  I will always be a faithful disciple of the Saw series and quite frankly the Halloween holiday season will never feel complete without a new entry in the franchise, but if this is the last hurrah, then the film series went out in all-star style like John Elway did with the Broncos of 2000.  We finally get the ingenious conclusive ending we all deserve!  Or do we?  That remains to be seen.  But in the meantime, make sure you support Lionsgate and director Kevin Greutert by checking out Saw VI in the theaters today.  Fans of the past five films can’t go wrong.  It’s formulistic and bone curdling good down to the very last break.  Just make sure your caught up with the other five prior movies first.  (Grade A -)


Saw VI Theatrical Poster



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2 Responses to “Brian Finishes Jigsaw’s Puzzle in Saw VI”

  1. Gregg

    Brilliant review! It could very well be enough to pull me into the theater…although since I haven’t seen episiodes II through V, I doubt if that will happen in the near future.

  2. blu jay

    well i guess this still news tho it carries a july 24 date (also is my leo b-day)–Saw VII is in the works–

    no shock really since the Saws make $$$