The American Horror Film of the Year is…Stake Land?

At least that’s what Todd Brown of Twitch Film is calling this movie.  Over the weekend I shared the trailer with you all (see here) and now we are back for more.  I’m excited to inform you of the launch of the two latest Stake Land character prequels (there are four in total) on Apple Trailers.  These mini-vignettes, detailing the time leading up to the horrific events of the film, each provide a tantalizing glimpse into the lives of the Stake Land cast of characters.  The two most recent installments are titled JEBEDIAH starring Michael Cerveris and directed by Larry Fessenden and WILLIE starring Sean Nelson and directed by the lovely Danielle Harris (listen to my audio interview with her here).   To view both of these trailers click the link below.



1 Response to “The American Horror Film of the Year is…Stake Land?”

  1. Gerard Iribe

    Wow, this thing is generating a lot of BUZZ! The good kind. I’m stoked…er, staked?