CV: George Lucas Announces Star Wars on Blu-ray!

Saturday’s news from Celebration V really hit home with George Lucas’ official announcement that all 6 Star Wars films will be making their way to Blu-ray next year.  There was no release date or no price information, but who the hell cares.  I can finally watch Star Wars again (since my boycott of DVD in 2007)!  But more importantly… I can watch Star Wars on Blu-ray! I was hoping for an “ultra” special edition where George Lucas would go back one last time and fix all those endless mistakes again, but it looks like we will at least be getting the Special Editions and not the original versions…thank God!  All 6 films will be packaged in a Blu-ray set with documentaries, vintage behind-the-scenes moments, interviews, retrospectives and never-before-seen footage (deleted scenes too) from the Lucasfilm archives.

One of those special features, a deleted scene from Return of the Jedi, premiered at the convention on Saturday.  In it, Darth Vader is seen and so is Luke Skywalker as he puts the finishing touches on  his new lightsaber before going to the palace of Jabba the Hutt.


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14 Responses to “CV: George Lucas Announces Star Wars on Blu-ray!”

  1. Gerard Iribe

    I hear that this blu-ray set will be from the DVD master.

  2. Sean Ferguson

    2011 can’t come quick enough!

  3. Brian White

    Actually Gerard…back in 2004 when Lucas made the DVD masters he also made a extra set of HD masters. Just wish he would have went back and fixed some of the major mistakes. Just think how bad the blocks are going to look around the tie fighters in HD…LOL. oh well…we always got pod racing. 🙂

  4. Gerard Iribe

    I don’t want the new films, just the first 3. I’ll wait it out. I’m hoping for an Indiana Jones release, though.

  5. Gregg

    I want all six! I loved Attack of the Clones! Alas, the classic trilogy is untouchable as far as content quality goes. Hopefully we won’t be seeing Han shoot second or have Hayden Christensen in the Ewok village.

  6. Brian White

    @ Gregg… That’s exactly what you are going to get. These are the HD equivalents of the DVDs pt out in 2004. Greedo shoots first, Hayden says hello in Ep. 6 and your beloved white lego blocks surround the tie fighters in Ep. 4.

    So Sean… want to do a viewing party at my house? We can knock out Eps 1 -3 on a Saturday and Eps 4 – 6 on a Sunday? What do you say?

  7. Sean Ferguson

    I’d love to if you lived in California! I’m going to get the entire set. I believe Mr. Lucas will modify the movies again for this release. He has the tools to do anything he wants and I don’t mind but I would like to have the option of a branching disc that also allows you to watch the original release. For the most part, I liked the changes he made like adding Ian McDiarmid to Empire etc. There were only a couple of changes that I didn’t like or thought should have been done better.

  8. Brian White

    Actually Sean, no new tweaks by Mr. Lucas this time around 🙁

    Same old footage as the DVD transfers from 2004.

  9. Bob Ignizio

    Why oh why does Lucas insist on pissing off such a large portion of the fan base for these movies? I have no desire to ever see Episodes 1-3 again, and I want Eps 4-6 in their original theatrical versions. If this is all that’s coming out, I’ll pass.

  10. Gregg

    You know what’s ironic, on the back cover of the Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull photo journal, there’s a shot of Lucas, Ford, and Spielberg. Lucas is wearing a t-shirt that says “Han Shot First.” THEN MAKE IT HAPPEN IN THE MOVIE!

  11. Brian White

    You noticed that too huh?

  12. Gerard Iribe

    I’m over Luca$.

  13. Sean Ferguson

    I’m willing to bet that there will be changes made to the movies. There is no way that Lucas won’t do it as he has tweaked every release up till now. Mark my words, there will be changes!

  14. Brian White

    I sure hope you are right Sean. There were some major things, in my opinion, that needed to be fixed prior to an HD presentation of the originals. They spent all this money fixing Star Trek TV shows up for Blu-ray. …it would be ashame if they can’t do the same for Star Wars.